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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Gift'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadia Being a gift
2 Girl Aahuk God gift
3 Girl Aanshi God's gift
4 Girl Aanshi God's gift
5 Boy Aavya Brilliance & gracious gift of god.
6 Girl Aayan Gift of god
7 Boy Abijah The lord is my father, gift of god, yahweh is my f
8 Girl Abisha Gift of god
9 Girl Abishai My father is a gift
10 Girl Ahanti Gift
11 Girl Ahanti Gift
12 Girl Aifa Gift
13 Girl Aishi God's gift
14 Girl Aishi Gift of god
15 Girl Aishika God’s gift
16 Girl Aishleen Gift from god
17 Girl Alisha God gifted, protected by god
18 Girl Amanat God's treasure, present or gift, valuable possessi
19 Girl Amarjeet One who is god gifted
20 Boy Amashai The people's gift.
21 Boy Amileigh The bringer of hope and smiles, god's gift
22 Girl Ananthini Gift
23 Girl Ananti Gift
24 Girl Ananti Gift
25 Girl Angeli Gift, offering
26 Girl Anhithi Gift, donation, loan
27 Girl Anhiti Gift, donation
28 Girl Anjeli Gift, offering
29 Girl Anshee God's gift
30 Girl Anshi God's gift
31 Girl Anshi God's gift
32 Girl Anshiika God's gift
33 Boy Arsh Crown, dominion, throne, gift, compensation, sky
34 Boy Ata Abandon, one of twins, from fante, gift, donation,
35 Boy Ataa Gift
36 Girl Atiya Gift
37 Girl Attiya Gift
38 Girl Avisha Gift from god
39 Girl Avishka Gift of god.
40 Boy Ayaan Gift of god
41 Boy Ayaan Nature, temperament, gift of god
42 Boy Ayaansh Gift of god
43 Boy Ayan Gift of god
44 Girl Ayanika Gift of god
45 Boy Ayann Gift of god
46 Boy Ayansh The first ray of light, part of parents, gift of g
47 Boy Ayyan Gift of god
48 Boy Badariprasad A gift of badrinarayan
49 Boy Badriprasad Gift of badri
50 Girl Badriprasad God's gift
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