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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Energy'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Adisakti The primal energy
2 Boy Agnitejas With the energy and lustre of fire
3 Boy Amitojas Of unbounded energy
4 Boy Anagh Sinless, pure, perfect, energy, without any fault
5 Boy Atvi Energy
6 Boy Aurjitya Energy, vigour, strength
7 Boy Ayustejas Life's energy, energy of life
8 Girl Balaa Force, power, energy
9 Girl Dasrasu The energy of siva
10 Boy Ditaujas Glowing with energy
11 Girl Isha Goddess durga, the female energy
12 Girl Isha One who protects, goddess durga, the female energy
13 Girl Isha Goddess durga, the female energy
14 Girl Ishaa Energy, goddess durga
15 Girl Ishana Rich, goddess durga, the female energy
16 Boy Jasal Energy
17 Girl Kalli Energy, black goddess, modern variant of callie.
18 Boy Kani Strength, energy
19 Girl Keli Strife, war, energy, dark goddess
20 Boy Kriya Literary composition, energy, ability
21 Girl Maahira Swift, full of energy
22 Girl Mehira Swift, full of energy
23 Girl Mokshasvi Spirited, energy, nerve
24 Girl Mokshi Spirited, energy, nerve
25 Boy Mokshit Spirited, energy, nerve
26 Girl Mokshita Spirited, energy, nerve
27 Girl Nashat Cheerfulness, joy, energy
28 Boy Nishat A tree, liveliness, energy
29 Girl Ojas Energy, power, strength
30 Boy Ojas Body strength, light, virility, energy
31 Girl Oorja Energy
32 Girl Oorja The energy
33 Boy Prachetas Energy
34 Boy Prachetas Energy
35 Girl Sakti Energy, goodness, power
36 Boy Sakti Energy, goodness
37 Boy Saujas Full of energy
38 Boy Seenu Positive energy
39 Girl Sphurti Full of energy
40 Boy Sudaksh Very capable or clever, having great energy, very
41 Boy Tejasa Radiant energy, majesty
42 Girl Tejasa Radiant energy, majesty
43 Boy Thulaja Energy of the goddess
44 Girl Thulaja The kundalini energy of the goddess
45 Girl Tvishi Ray of light, energy, brilliance
46 Girl Tvishi Ray of light, energy, brilliance
47 Girl Urja Energy
48 Boy Urja Energy, liveliness, power
49 Girl Urja Energy
50 Girl Urjani Belonging to energy
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