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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Delight'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aahaladita Bubbling with delight
2 Boy Aahlaad Delight
3 Girl Aahlaadita Bubbling with delight
4 Girl Aahladita Bubbling with delight
5 Boy Aanand Joy, intelligent, happiness, delightful, blissful,
6 Boy Abhayananda Delighting in fearlessness
7 Girl Abhayananda Delighting in fearless
8 Girl Abhimoda Joy, delight
9 Boy Abhimoda Joy, delight
10 Boy Abhiram Lovely, delightful
11 Boy Abhirama Lovely, delightful
12 Boy Abhirama Lovely, delightful
13 Boy Abhiramana One who delights
14 Girl Abhiroopa Delightful, beloved
15 Girl Abiradhi Delight, pleasure, joy, jovialit, hilarity
16 Girl Adna Pleasure, delight
17 Girl Adna Pleasure, delight, in the bible, name of two israe
18 Boy Ahlad Joy, causing delight, refreshing
19 Girl Ahladitha Delighted
20 Boy Akalsukh Forever in peace and delight
21 Boy Akalsukh Forever in peace and delight
22 Boy Akalsukh Forever in peace and delight
23 Girl Amitrasudan Delightful
24 Boy Amiya Nectar, delight
25 Boy Amiya Nectar, delight
26 Girl Amiya Delightful
27 Boy Anand One who is blissful, delightful
28 Boy Anandbhagat Delighted devotee
29 Boy Anandita Delighted, joyful
30 Girl Anuranjita Delighted
31 Boy Anuranjito Delighted
32 Girl Chanasya Delighting
33 Boy Chitraman One who delights in consciousness
34 Boy Chitraman One who delights in consciousness
35 Girl Delesha Pleasure, delight
36 Girl Delicia Suggests delight
37 Girl Delisha Gives pleasure, delight, happy and make others hap
38 Girl Delishaa Pleasure, delight
39 Boy Devarata Delighting in the gods, pious, religious
40 Girl Devrati Delight of the gods
41 Boy Dhirana Delighting on devotion
42 Boy Dilbagh Delighted
43 Boy Eden Delight
44 Girl Eden Delightful, bible ref.: genesis 2:8, the garden of
45 Girl Eudora Delightful gift
46 Girl Farideh Delightful
47 Boy Gabai Delight, adornment
48 Girl Goddess Durga, a delightful goddess
49 Boy Haani Happy, delighted, content
50 Boy Haani Happy, delighted, content
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