1. Affection should always be shown
Affection should always be shown
Sure, you love your child more than anything. However, nothing works as well as physically showing your love like hugs and kisses. So make sure that you show your love to your child physically. This would stay with them for a long time.
2. Encourage them
Encourage them
Encouraging them for their actions, praising them for their activities would build their self-confidence and self-esteem. Just a few words of praise would work wonders, and they would be encouraged to do even better.
3. Give them time
Give them time
It can be said that giving them time is equivalent to giving them security. Share their playtime, be with them while they do homework, just converse with them and so on. Such little things would make a huge difference
4. Recognize their talents and support them
Recognize their talents and support them
It may take time to recognize your child’s talent, but pay enough attention to recognize it. Help your child develop that talent and work on it. The process of doing so would make your child feel much secured.
5. Listen to what they have to say
Listen to what they have to say
Every kid has a lot to say and share. Make sure that you spend enough time with them and listen to everything they have to say. You would be surprised as to how much these silly talks can convey and plus they would get confident about sharing stuff with you.
6. Balance between mercy and justice
Balance between mercy and justice
Children should receive a proper balance between justice and mercy. Sure, the first thing that comes to your mind when they do something wrong is to punish them, but you should also listen to why did they do what they did. Make them experience forgiveness
7. Unconditional Love
Unconditional Love
What you feel for your child is definitely unconditional but they don’t know that. Make them realize that no matter what, you will always be there right with them holding their hand. This would create a strong sense of security in your child.
8. Teach them they are here for The Greater Purpose
Teach them they are here for The Greater Purpose
Teaching a child that his very reason of existence is for a purpose is essential. A child may not understand this right away, but just making them learn that “The family that prays together stays together” would be very effective.

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