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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Dear'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aami Dearly loved
2 Boy Aatmabandu Dearest
3 Girl Alaina Dear child
4 Girl Alona Light, dear child, oak tree
5 Girl Ami My people, dearly loved, beauty, friend, loved, ne
6 Boy Amie Beloved. dearly loved
7 Girl Amy Dearly loved, industrious, truth, friendship, to l
8 Boy Angadveer A somewhat violent yet endearingly purple pebble"
9 Boy Aninda Dear
10 Girl Anjushree Dear to one's heart
11 Girl Anjushri Dear to one's heart
12 Girl Anjushri-anjushree Dear to one's heart
13 Girl Anjushri;anjushree Dear to one's heart, beloved
14 Girl Anjushri;anjushree Dear to one's heart, beloved
15 Girl Anoushka A term of endearment, fulfilment of desire
16 Girl Anushka A term of endearment, favour, grace, lord durga's
17 Girl Anushka A term of endearment
18 Girl Anushkaa A term of endearment
19 Girl Armili Affectionate or dear
20 Girl Atiriya Beloved, very dear
21 Girl Avipriya Very dear,
22 Boy Azeez Friend, dear, beloved, respected, precious
23 Boy Azeez;aziz Friend, dear one
24 Boy Aziz Powerful, friend, dear one, precious, to be cheris
25 Boy Candana Sandalwood, soothing, dear to the gods
26 Girl Canisa Very dear
27 Girl Carin Dear little one
28 Girl Carina Beloved, keel of a ship, pure, dear little one, da
29 Boy Chandana Sandalwood, soothing, dear to the gods
30 Boy Chareesh Grace, to treasure and care for, dear
31 Girl Charish Grace, to treasure and care for, dear
32 Girl Cheri Dear one,darling
33 Girl Cheri Beloved one, dear, variant of cherie dear one, dar
34 Girl Cherry Fruit, cherry fruit, dear, beloved, form of cheryl
35 Girl Cheryl Dear one, darling
36 Boy Daivey Dearly loved
37 Boy Darwin Dear friend
38 Boy Darwin Dear friend.
39 Boy Dayit Beloved, dear
40 Girl Devanshee God's dear
41 Girl Devapriya Dear to gods
42 Girl Devapriya National treasure, dear to gods
43 Boy Devapriya Dear to the gods
44 Girl Devipriya Dear to the goddess
45 Girl Devipriya Dearer to goddess
46 Boy Dulal Dear one
47 Boy Dulal Dear one
48 Girl Dulari Dear one
49 Girl Dulari Dear
50 Girl Dulari Dear one, beloved
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