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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Butter'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Ajyapa Drinking clarified butter
2 Girl Chitti Butterfly
3 Boy Chitti Butterfly
4 Boy Ekval Butterfly
5 Boy Ghrta Clarified butter
6 Girl Janessa From jennifer white wave and vanessa butterfly
7 Boy Makhan Butter
8 Boy Makhan Soft, pure butter
9 Girl Nabani Fresh butter
10 Boy Nani Butter
11 Girl Navaneetha Fresh butter & cool moon
12 Boy Navaneet Butter, new lesson
13 Boy Navaneet Butter
14 Girl Navaneeta Butter, who takes pleasure in new joys
15 Girl Navaneeta Butter
16 Girl Navaneetam Butter, who takes pleasure in new joys
17 Boy Navaneeth Butter
18 Boy Navaneethachora Makan (butter) chor
19 Girl Navatara Butter
20 Boy Navneet Fresh butter
21 Boy Navneet Fresh butter
22 Boy Navneet Fresh butter
23 Boy Navneet Fresh butter
24 Girl Navneeta Butter like
25 Girl Navni Freshly churned butter
26 Boy Navnit Fresh butter
27 Boy Navnit Fresh butter
28 Boy Navukarasan Fresh butter
29 Boy Noni Butter
30 Girl Parvana Butterfly
31 Girl Parvana Full moon, butterfly
32 Girl Shaley Butterfly princess in the meadow
33 Girl Tinkal Butterfly
34 Girl Titli Butterfly
35 Girl Titli Insect: butterfly
36 Girl Vanesa A form of vanessa, butterfly
37 Girl Vanessa Butterfly
38 Girl Vanessa Genus of butterfly, star, coined from
39 Girl Vania Butterfly, the mystic goddess of an ancient greek
40 Girl Vanna A form of vanessa, butterfly
41 Girl Vannesa A form of vanessa, butterfly
42 Girl Vannessa A form of vanessa, butterfly
43 Girl Vinisha Butterflies or destroyer of evil
44 Girl Zubdah Butter
45 Girl Zubdah Butter
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