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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Brilliant'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadhar Base, brilliant like the sun
2 Boy Aadhavan Sun, brilliant like the sun, lord vishnu
3 Boy Aadhavan Brilliant like the sun
4 Boy Aahir Dazzling, brilliant
5 Girl Abiya Brilliant , splendid
6 Girl Abiyya Brilliant, splendid
7 Boy Adhavan Brilliant, man of world, sun
8 Boy Adyota Surrounded by light, brilliant
9 Girl Agathiyan Intelligent, brilliant
10 Boy Agavoli Intelligent, brilliant
11 Boy Agnira Intelligent, brilliant, successful person who stud
12 Girl Ajinkya Brilliant, invincible
13 Girl Akane Someone you cannot stop loving, brilliant red
14 Boy Albert Noble and bright, highborn, brilliant, noble, nobl
15 Boy Angshul Brilliant,bright
16 Boy Angshuman Brilliant
17 Boy Apan Sun, glorious, brilliant
18 Boy Arcat Shining, praising, brilliant, glorious
19 Boy Arcismat Flaming, brilliant, another name for agni, vishnu
20 Boy Arnav Brilliant, ocean, sea, vast, endless ocean, stream
21 Boy Arula Shining as the sun, brilliant, grace, filled with
22 Girl Arula Shining as the sun, brilliant, grace, filled with
23 Boy Aryansh Brilliant
24 Boy Aryash Brilliant
25 Boy Aryash Brilliant
26 Boy Aryavansh Brilliant
27 Girl Avabha Shining, brilliant,
28 Boy Avarokin Shining, brilliant
29 Boy Azhar Famous, luminous, brilliant, the most shining, shi
30 Boy Baahir Brilliant
31 Girl Baheera Dazzling, brilliant
32 Girl Baheera Dazzling, brilliant
33 Boy Bahir Dazzling, brilliant
34 Girl Bahira-baheera Dazzling, brilliant
35 Boy Barraq Bright, brilliant, glittering, shining, flashing
36 Boy Bharupa With a glorious form, shining, brilliant
37 Boy Brajamani Brilliant jewel, beautiful, precious
38 Boy Chakrit Brilliant
39 Girl Chandravati Lit by the moon, brilliant
40 Boy Chidananda Brilliant, lord shiva
41 Boy Chity Brilliant
42 Boy Chudar Brilliant, see sudar, brilliant, also sudar
43 Girl Chudarkodi Brilliant, see sudarkodi
44 Girl Chudarmadhi Brilliant moon, see sudarmadhi
45 Boy Chudarmani Brilliant, brilliant, see sudarmani
46 Boy Chudarmani Brilliant
47 Boy Chudaroli Brilliant, brilliant, see sudaroli
48 Girl Chudaroli Brilliant
49 Boy Citrya Brilliant, sparkling
50 Boy Culbert Cool and brilliant
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