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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Bor'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaghnya Born from fire, goddess lakshmi
2 Girl Aaranya Wild, forest-born
3 Boy Abayomi Born to bring me joy, from yoruba, pleasant meetin
4 Girl Abdhija Born in sea, goddess lakshmi
5 Boy Abhijaat Well born
6 Girl Abhijaata Well born
7 Boy Abhijanya Born fearless
8 Boy Abhijata Well born
9 Girl Abhijata Well born (woman)
10 Boy Abhraroha Borne by the clouds
11 Boy Abhrottha Clouds born, indra's thunderbolt
12 Boy Abhu Unborn, nonexistent
13 Girl Abimola Born to be rich
14 Girl Abiyona Born on a journey
15 Girl Abja Born in water
16 Boy Abjayoni Born of the lotus, another name for brahma
17 Girl Adhyatmika One who is very laborious
18 Girl Adrija Mountain born, born in or on the mountai
19 Girl Adrijaa Mountain born, born in or on the mountai
20 Boy Aedan-aiden Born of fire
21 Boy Aedan;aiden Born of fire
22 Boy Aedan;aiden Born of fire
23 Girl Aganya Born from fire, goddess lakshmi
24 Boy Agavaha Borne by mountain
25 Boy Agnibhav Born in fire
26 Girl Agnibhav Born of fire
27 Boy Agnija Born of fire, lord vishnu and kartikeya
28 Boy Agnik Born of fire,
29 Girl Agnika Born of fire,
30 Boy Agnika Born of fire
31 Girl Agnikaa Daughter of fire, born from the fire
32 Boy Ahilud A brother born, or begotten
33 Boy Ahjaja Born of a lotus
34 Boy Aiden Born of fire
35 Girl Aiken One who never born
36 Boy Aila Born of intellect, another name for pururavas
37 Boy Aja Fire, unborn
38 Girl Aja High priestess of mecca, goat, not born, love of v
39 Boy Ajaat Unborn
40 Boy Ajaata Unborn
41 Boy Ajakava Bow of the unborn
42 Boy Ajan The unborn, love of vishnu
43 Boy Ajasra The unborn one
44 Girl Ajat Unborn
45 Boy Ajata Unborn, a god
46 Boy Ajatasatru Born without enmity to wards any one
47 Boy Ajeesh Lord of the unborn
48 Boy Akaryanandana Born to conquer
49 Boy Albert Noble and bright, highborn, brilliant, noble, nobl
50 Girl Aliya Superior, finer, rising, ascending, high-born, the
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