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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Aus'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abbas Description of a lion, looking austere, lion, ster
2 Girl Abhavya Improper or fear-causing
3 Boy Abhijin The most auspicious moment
4 Boy Adhvara Not causing an injury, a sacrifice
5 Boy Agrippa One who causes great pain at his birth
6 Boy Ahaan Dawn, auspicious dawn, morning glory, first ray of
7 Boy Ahlad Joy, causing delight, refreshing
8 Girl Ankitha With auspicious marks
9 Girl Annya Inexhaustible
10 Girl Anya Inexhaustible, gracious, graceful, resurrection, f
11 Girl Anyah The inexhaustible
12 Girl Arati Prayer, worship, a ritual done on auspicious occas
13 Girl Aravindini Auspicious,
14 Boy Atapana Causing heat, lord shiva
15 Boy Avyaya Immutable, inexhaustible, without deterioration
16 Boy Bhaavya Auspicious, suitable, excellent
17 Boy Bhadra Auspicious
18 Girl Bhadrakali Auspicious kali
19 Boy Bhadraksa Whose eyes reflect auspiciousness
20 Boy Bhadraksha Whose eyes reflect auspiciousness
21 Boy Bhadramurti Auspicious form
22 Boy Bhadran Auspicious, fortunate man
23 Boy Bhadrapriya Auspicious, beloved
24 Girl Bhadrapriya Auspicious, beloved
25 Girl Bhagyavi Fortunate, lucky, auspicious
26 Boy Bhavada Giving life, cause of existence
27 Boy Bhavay Auspicious, suitable, excellent
28 Girl Bhavayami Auspicious, suitable, excellent
29 Girl Bhavia Auspicious, suitable, excellent
30 Boy Bhavya Auspicious, suitable, excellent
31 Girl Bhavyaa Auspicious, suitable, excellent
32 Girl Bhavyanjali Auspicious messenger
33 Boy Bhavye Auspicious, suitable, excellent
34 Boy Bhavyem Auspicious, suitable, excellent
35 Boy Bhutikrt Causing welfare
36 Girl Bilva Auspicious fruit, bael, a sacred leaf
37 Girl Bilwa;bilva Auspicious fruit - bael, a sacred leaf
38 Girl Bilwa;bilva Auspicious fruit - bael, a sacred leaf
39 Girl Deeparathi A ritual done with lamps on auspicious occasion
40 Girl Dhanyamala Auspicious garland
41 Boy Dinakara That which causes the day, the sun
42 Boy Farrukh Blessed, auspicious, young bird, sprout, beautiful
43 Boy Garmites Men of garmi, ie. bones or my cause
44 Boy Ghansara Fragrant, auspicious
45 Girl Gulal Crown of the head, auspicious powder
46 Boy Harsana Causing delight
47 Girl Hengameh Wonder, marvel causing admiration
48 Boy Himakara Snow handed, causing cold, the moon
49 Boy Humayun Fortunate, the second mughal emperor, blessed, aus
50 Boy Ishbak Who is empty or exhausted.
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