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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Ascetic'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhrakasin With clouds for shelter, an ascetic
2 Boy Balayogi Young ascetic
3 Girl Batool Ascetic virgin, maiden, a true devotee woman of al
4 Girl Batool;batul Ascetic virgin
5 Boy Brahmabrata Ascetic
6 Boy Darbhi Witj sacrifical grass, an ascetic
7 Boy Dhurjati The pivotal ascetic, lord shiva
8 Boy Digambara Ascetic without any clothes
9 Girl Gyati Devoted, ascetic
10 Girl Gyati Devoted, ascetic
11 Boy Hrishidev Lord of ascetics, name of a buddha
12 Boy Hrishin An ascetic, a sage
13 Boy Jati Teak, oak, ascetic, lord shiva
14 Boy Jogaraja Lord of ascetics, another name for siva
15 Boy Jogia The colour saffron, the colour worn by ascetics
16 Boy Munkadir An ascetic and authority for hadith, this was the
17 Boy Murtaad Ascetical
18 Boy Nimaan Adjusted, ascetic
19 Boy Nimai Adjusted, ascetic
20 Boy Nimai Adjusted, ascetic
21 Girl Panchatapa An ascetic practising austerities in the midst of
22 Girl Paramahansa Supreme ascetic
23 Boy Rishil An ascetic, a sage
24 Boy Tapas Heat, penance, ascetic
25 Boy Tapasa An ascetic
26 Girl Tapasi A female ascetic
27 Boy Tapasvat Pious, ascetic
28 Boy Tapasvi An ascetic
29 Boy Tapasvin Hermit, ascetic, name for narad
30 Girl Tapasvini An ascetic
31 Boy Tapaswee An ascetic
32 Boy Tapaswi An ascetic
33 Girl Tapaswini An ascetic
34 Girl Thapaswi An ascetic
35 Boy Tyagin Ascetic, sacrificing, liberal, hero
36 Boy Vitthala Ascetic
37 Boy Yateen Ascetic
38 Boy Yati Devoted, ascetic
39 Boy Yati Devoted, ascetic
40 Girl Yati Ascetic, one who renounces the world
41 Girl Yatihasini Ascetic, one who renounces the world
42 Boy Yatin Ascetic
43 Boy Yatin Ascetic
44 Boy Yatinpal Preserver of ascetic
45 Boy Yatinpal Preserver of ascetic
46 Boy Yavanan Ascetic
47 Boy Yogiraj Great ascetic, lord shiva
48 Boy Yogiraj Great ascetic, lord shiva
49 Boy Zaahid Abstemious, ascetic
50 Boy Zaahid Ascetic, abstemious, devotee
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