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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Artist'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadalalagi Artistic
2 Girl Aadalarasi Artistic
3 Girl Aadalarasi Artistic
4 Boy Abednego Artist, bible ref.:  daniel 3:19 – 26, survived th
5 Boy Adwin Artist
6 Boy Adwin Artist, intellectual
7 Boy Chitransh Artist
8 Girl Chitrini Beautiful woman with artistic talents
9 Boy Ezhillovian Prettiest artist
10 Boy Faiyaz Artistic
11 Boy Faiyaz Artistic
12 Boy Faiyaz Artistic
13 Girl Fajyaz Artistic
14 Boy Fiyaz Artistic
15 Girl Kalaimalar Artistic
16 Girl Kalaipoonga Possessing many artistic skills
17 Girl Kalaisudar Artistic
18 Boy Kalaivarman Artistic person
19 Boy Kalajeet Artistic victory
20 Boy Kalajeet Artistic victory
21 Girl Kalavathi Artist
22 Girl Kalavati Parvati, artist
23 Girl Kalavati Parvati, artist
24 Girl Kali Graceful, beautiful, artistic, the dark one, a bud
25 Girl Megalai Great artist, daughter of maathavi
26 Girl Megalai Great artist, daughter of maathavi
27 Boy Meshach Artist, bible ref.:  daniel 3:19 – 26
28 Boy Munnilal Clay artist, someone who has magic in his hands wh
29 Girl Oviya Artist, beautiful drawing
30 Girl Oviya Artist, beautiful drawing, like a beautiful art
31 Boy Oviyan Artist
32 Boy Oviyan Artist
33 Girl Ovya Artist, beautiful drawing
34 Girl Rasajna Artistic, knowledgeable about the arts
35 Girl Shikra Skillful, artistic
36 Boy Shilpi Artist
37 Boy Sitpan Artist, sculptor
38 Boy Tamilkoothan Tamil artist
39 Boy Viyaan Artist
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