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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Alive'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aiesha Woman, alive, she who lives, life, lively, perfect
2 Girl Aiesha Alive
3 Girl Amninder Stay alive
4 Girl Amninder Stay alive
5 Girl Ava Voice, call, satellite communication, alive, livin
6 Girl Ayeesha Alive and well
7 Girl Basant Spring alive
8 Girl Bibiana;viviana Alive
9 Girl Chaya Alive, living, lustre, beauty
10 Girl Daisha Alive, she who lives
11 Boy Hayee Ever alive
12 Girl Hayi Alive, living, existence, wish, desire
13 Boy Javed Immortal jawahar jewel, alive, living, immortal
14 Girl Jeevitha Alive
15 Boy Jiva A living being, alive
16 Boy Jivaja Born alive
17 Boy Jiwani Related to alive person
18 Girl Kecia Alive and well, abbreviation of lakeisha, great jo
19 Girl Keisha Her life, woman, alive and well, great joy, cassia
20 Girl Lakisha Joyful, happy, woman, alive, she who lives, lakeis
21 Girl Lekisha Alive, she who lives
22 Girl Likisha Alive, she who lives
23 Girl Lina Alive, pledge, noble, nobility, light, garden, shi
24 Girl Meesha Alive, she who lives
25 Girl Meeshika Alive, she who lives
26 Girl Mysa Alive, she who lives
27 Girl Myshaa Alive, she who lives
28 Girl Niesha Alive and well, night
29 Girl Pranayita Animated, kept alive
30 Boy Sajeev Alive
31 Boy Sanjeevan Immortality, making alive, giving life
32 Girl Sanjeevini Medicine to stay alive
33 Girl Sati One who got burned alive
34 Boy Sunjeev Making alive
35 Boy Sunjeev Making alive
36 Boy Suntya Making alive
37 Girl Vayuna Moving, alive, knowledge, wisdom, goal
38 Girl Viana Alive, lively
39 Girl Viva Long-live, springlike, fresh, dewy, alive, full of
40 Boy Vivaa Alive, living, life
41 Girl Vivaeka Alive, living, life
42 Girl Vivian Alive
43 Girl Viviane Alive
44 Girl Vivien Latin alive
45 Girl Vivika Alive, war fortress, life
46 Girl Vy Alive
47 Boy Ziven Full of life, vigorous and alive
48 Girl Zoya Shining, life, loving or affectionate, alive, beau
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