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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'A h'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aamya A high place
2 Girl Aanavi One with a heart like ocean
3 Boy Admiral A high rank in the navy
4 Girl Ahulani A heavenly shrine
5 Boy Amahatha Wanting a house
6 Boy Amoghraj Great, the name of a hindu god in india
7 Girl Anaka A holy cow
8 Boy Angusa Praising, a hymn
9 Girl Antini Living in a hermitage
10 Girl Aravali Name of a hill
11 Boy Arphaxad A healer, a releaser
12 Boy Aryan Noble, old civilisation, related, from a high race
13 Boy Ashwin-asvin A hindu month
14 Boy Ashwin;asvin A hindu month
15 Boy Asvin A hindu month
16 Girl Avanthi Name of a historical city
17 Boy Azmaveth Strong death, a he-goat
18 Boy Azor A helper, a court
19 Boy Baalamurali;balamurali Young krishna holding flute
20 Boy Babu A hindu gentleman, a native clerk who writes engli
21 Boy Balamurali Young krishna holding flute
22 Boy Bhimavega With a high speed, quick, active
23 Boy Charan A humble person
24 Boy Charan A humble person
25 Boy Cidambara With a heart as vast as sky
26 Boy Cittavata With a heart, kindhearted
27 Boy Connell Strong as a hound/wolf
28 Boy Cornelius Of a horn.
29 Boy Dabhit A hermit praised in the vedas
30 Boy Dadhyan Seller of milk, one who brings the milk, a hermit
31 Boy Daivam God incarnates in the form of a human being
32 Boy Danasur A hero among the donors
33 Boy Dandaka A small staff, a pole, a handle
34 Boy Dashan An occasion of seeing a holy person or the image o
35 Boy Dayalan Rhyming variant of waylon - a historical blacksmit
36 Boy Dhamavat Owner of a house, powerful, strong
37 Boy Dhrsaj Bold, a hero
38 Boy Duranjaya A heroic son
39 Boy Duranjaya A heroic son
40 Boy Durbail A heroic son
41 Girl Ebony A hard dark wood, black
42 Boy Elash Shining, a horse of the sun, a sage extolled in ri
43 Boy Ervar Befitting a hero
44 Boy Faalgun A month in the hindu calendar, born in falgun, a h
45 Boy Falguna A hindu month
46 Boy Falguni Born in falgun, a hindu month, arjun
47 Girl Falguni Grater flower, born in falgun, a hindu month
48 Girl Falguni Born in falgun - a hindu month, beautiful
49 Girl Falguni-phalguni Born in falgun, a hindu month, arjun,born in falgu
50 Boy Falguni-phalguni Born in falgun, a hindu month, arjun
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