All Names Starting with Vovel 'I'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Iaan Gift from god
2 Boy Iadon Thankful
3 Girl Iaicchik The earth
4 Boy Iaichik Add meaning
5 Boy Ialeel Waiting for god
6 Boy Ian God is gracious (john)
7 Girl Ian God is gracious
8 Boy Iazeel Contribution of god
9 Boy Ibaad Believer in god
10 Girl Ibadat Worship, prayer, devotion
11 Girl Ibbani Honey dew
12 Girl Ibha Hope
13 Boy Ibhaan The god having mouth of elephant, name of ganesh
14 Boy Ibhan Lord ganesh
15 Boy Ibhana Selected
16 Boy Ibhanan Elephant faced
17 Boy Ibhanana Lord ganesha
18 Boy Ibhapala Add meaning
19 Boy Ibhar Election, he that is chosen
20 Girl Ibhi Female elephant
21 Boy Ibhya Possessor of many attendants
22 Boy Ibneiah The building of the lord, the understanding of the
23 Boy Ibniah The building of the lord, the understanding of the
24 Boy Ibraham Father of a multitude, a prophet's name, abraham,
25 Boy Ibraheem A prophet's name, the biblical abraham is the engl
26 Boy Ibrahim Abraham, earth
27 Boy Ibrahim-ibraham Father of a multitude, a prophet's name (abraham),
28 Boy Ibrahim;ibraham Father of a multitude, a prophet's name (abraham),
29 Girl Ibri Passing over, being angry, being with young
30 Girl Ibthaj Joy
31 Boy Ibtihaaj Earth
32 Girl Ibtihaaj Joy
33 Girl Ibtihaj Joy
34 Boy Ibzan Father of a target, father of coldness
35 Boy Icabod The glory has departed, bible ref.:  1 samuel 4:19
36 Girl Iccha Wish
37 Boy Icchaka Granting desires
38 Boy Ichaa Desire
39 Girl Ichaa Wish
40 Boy Ichaabasma Kuver(god of wealth)
41 Boy Ichaamai-ichaamay God
42 Boy Ichabod Departed glory
43 Girl Ichamati Name of a river
44 Boy Ichan Desire
45 Girl Ichcha Desire
46 Girl Ichchani Add meaning
47 Boy Ichchha Desire
48 Girl Ichchha Desire ambition
49 Girl Ichha Desire
50 Girl Ichhamayi An epithet of the
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