All Names Starting with Vovel 'I'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
451 Boy Indermaan Lord's respect
452 Boy Indermeet Friend of the lord
453 Boy Indermohan Charm of the lord
454 Boy Inderpal Protected up by god
455 Boy Inderpreet Love for god
456 Girl Inderpreet Lover of god
457 Boy Indertek God's support
458 Boy Inderveer God's warrior
459 Girl Inderveer God's warrior
460 Boy Indervir God's warrior
461 Boy Indesvara Lord of the moon
462 Girl Indhumithra Friend
463 Boy Indhuvaz Add meaning
464 Girl Indi Born in india, indian
465 Girl India River, name of a country, body of water, land of t
466 Boy Indiannamesforbabyboysstartingwithf Ph
467 Boy Indiana Land of indians
468 Girl Indiana Land of indians
469 Boy Indibar Blue lotus
470 Boy Indira Goddess lakshmi
471 Girl Indira The goddess lakshmi
472 Girl Indirabala Daughter of lord indra
473 Girl Indiradevi Trustworthy
474 Boy Indirakandhan Blue lotus
475 Boy Indiralay Son of lakshmi, rich person
476 Boy Indiran Sun
477 Boy Indiranandan Lakshmi's son, wealthy person
478 Girl Indirani Goddess of the sky
479 Boy Indiraraman Lord vishnu
480 Boy Indiresh Vishnu
481 Boy Indirjeet Lord vishnu
482 Girl Indirjeet One who wins the love of god
483 Girl Indirjeet;inderjeet One who wins the love of god
484 Boy Indirjot God's light
485 Girl Indirjot God's light
486 Boy Indirpreet Lover of god
487 Girl Indirpreet Lover of god
488 Girl Indirpreet;inderpreet Lover of god
489 Boy Indirveer God's warrior
490 Girl Indirveer God's warrior
491 Girl Indirveer;inderveer God's warrior
492 Girl Indirvir God of heavens warrior
493 Boy Indivar Blue lotus
494 Boy Indivara Blessing, blue lotus
495 Boy Indivarasena The army of visnu
496 Girl Indivarini Collection of blue lotuses
497 Boy Indiwar Knowing so much
498 Boy Indiya Knowledgeable
499 Girl Indiya Knowledgeable
500 Boy Indra Excellent, first
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