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Khalid,+khaled Name Compatibility with CAPRICORN

  • Makara
  • Mithun

Relationship Compability of Khalid,+khaled with Mother as CAPRICORN Compability are as Below.

Khalid,+khaled and Khalid,+khaled's mother are poles apart. Khalid,+khaled's mother has a methodical, planned, patient approach to life whereas Khalid,+khaled is always on the go, restless and loves taking things as they come. Khalid,+khaled's mother has clear strategies planned for doing any work and progresses gradually in it. This sun sign is highly reliable and dedicated. They won't mind working for years to achieve the desired goal or target. Though Khalid,+khaled also succeed but the route they take is very different from that of Khalid,+khaled's mother. Success for Khalid,+khaled comes through curiosity, resilience and adaptability, as well as communication skills. Khalid,+khaled is not very inclined to endure through dry periods like Khalid,+khaled's mother and moves on to more of interesting material once stagnation is reached. Though they are different from each other but they are capable enough of working out these differences.