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Vrushik Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Vrushik Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter N and Y with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on vrushik rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Vrushik Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
101 Girl Navistha Youngest
102 Girl Navita New
103 Girl Navjeet The new victory
104 Girl Navjeev The ever fresh life
105 Girl Navjot The new light, always bright
106 Girl Navneet One who is ever new
107 Girl Navni Freshly churned butter
108 Girl Navroop New Generation
109 Girl Navu New
110 Girl Navya Young
111 Girl Navyaa Young
112 Girl Nayana eyes
113 Girl Nayanshi
114 Girl Nayantara Twinkling star in the eye
115 Girl Nayla Winner, go-getter, gracious, charitable
116 Girl Naynshi One with expressive eyes
117 Girl Nayra
118 Girl Naysha Miracle of God
119 Girl Nayshaa Miracle of God
120 Girl Naytik Good in nature
121 Girl Neeharika Admired for looks
122 Girl Neeharikaa Silver lining of every cloud
123 Girl Neela blue colour
124 Girl Neelaakshi Blue eyed
125 Girl Neelaambari A Raagini; Blue lotus
126 Girl Neelaamjali Blue Gift; offering
127 Girl Neelakshi Blue; colour of the sea
128 Girl Neelam sapphire
129 Girl Neelamani Blue Gem
130 Girl Neelanjana With blue eyes, sparkling
131 Girl Neelavaeni Blue; colour of the sea
132 Girl Neelaya Home
133 Girl Neeli The sky colour blue
134 Girl Neelima Blue Sky
135 Girl Neelisha Aquamarine
136 Girl Neella She who succeeds and acquires
137 Girl Neena Strong
138 Girl Neerada Rain Clouds
139 Girl Neeraja lotus flower
140 Girl Neerja
141 Girl Neeru Light
142 Girl Neeta Sincere, acquired, good, moral
143 Girl Neetha Way, A mode in music, Water
144 Girl Neeti good behaviour
145 Girl Neetu Beautiful
146 Girl Neetu-nitu Variant o 'Nita'
147 Girl Neetya Eternal
148 Girl Neevi A cloth worn round a woman’s waist, A petticoat, C
149 Girl Neeyati Chance, fate, wealth
150 Girl Neha Loving
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