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Vrushik Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Vrushik Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter N and Y with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on vrushik rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Vrushik Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
1 Girl Naagabaala Serpent child
2 Girl Naagaesvari King of serpents
3 Girl Naagakumaari Serpent Daughter
4 Girl Naagalakshmi Central
5 Girl Naagalata Snake Goddess
6 Girl Naagamallika Queen of Serpents
7 Girl Naagamani Naga
8 Girl Naagamoehini Queen of Serpents
9 Girl Naagaraani Queen of Serpents
10 Girl Naagaratna Snakes diamond
11 Girl Naagaratnamma Snakes diamond
12 Girl Naagavalli seven betel leaves for worship
13 Girl Naagini Naga
14 Girl Naalayini Special
15 Girl Naaraayanamma The abode of beings
16 Girl Naaraayani The consort of Narayana
17 Girl Naathaveni Braid
18 Girl Naatya Dance
19 Girl Naavya Worth praising
20 Girl Naayra
21 Girl Naaysha Special
22 Girl Nadiya Moist; tender; delicate
23 Girl Nadiyaa Moist; tender; delicate
24 Girl Naetraanamda Precious thing, gem
25 Girl Nagamallika Queen of Serpents
26 Girl Naimika Name of a Aztec monk
27 Girl Naimisha Lasting for a Nimish or twinkling
28 Girl Naina Eyes
29 Girl Naira Shinning; Glittering
30 Girl Naisha Special
31 Girl Naishvi Famous Person
32 Girl Naitri Mistress lakshmi, stream
33 Girl Naitya Granting, Giving
34 Girl Naivedhi Prasad offered to God
35 Girl Nakshathra A heavenly body or star
36 Girl Nakshita One with Beautiful Features
37 Girl Nakti Night
38 Girl Nalamda
39 Girl Nalinaakshi Lotus eyed
40 Girl Namda A godly person absorbed in Naam
41 Girl Namdaadaevi A godly person absorbed in Naam
42 Girl Namdana Poet, Saint
43 Girl Namdini A godly person absorbed in Naam
44 Girl Namdita A godly person absorbed in Naam
45 Girl Namgeet One whose life is the song of Naam
46 Girl Namisha Godess parvathi
47 Girl Namita Humble
48 Girl Namjas One who sings praises of Naam
49 Girl Namjeev One who lives absorbed in Naam
50 Girl Namjot The light of Naam
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