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Tula Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Tula Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter R and Ta with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on tula rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Tula Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
251 Boy Rezial Secrets of the Lord
252 Boy Rhithul Heart
253 Boy Rhithvik Priest
254 Boy Rhydham Spring, love
255 Boy Riaan Little king
256 Boy Rian Kingly
257 Boy Ribhav An intensly glowing ray of the Sun
258 Boy Richi Old; powerful leader
259 Boy Ridansh Gift of heart
260 Boy Riddhiman Possessed Of Good Fortune
261 Boy Riddhish Lord Ganesh
262 Boy Ridhan Great heart
263 Boy Ridhansh Part Of Great Heart
264 Boy Ridhant Great heart
265 Boy Ridhay Heart
266 Boy Ridima Full of love
267 Boy Ridit Worldly known
268 Boy Ridnya Going on
269 Boy Rigved one of the Vedas
270 Boy Rihav God's Gift
271 Boy Riju Harmless
272 Boy Rijul Innocent
273 Boy Rikin One who knows Rigved, One who knows hymns recited
274 Boy Rinish Little Bunny
275 Boy Rinnav Truth
276 Boy Ripu Enemy
277 Boy Ripudaman Killer Of Enemies
278 Boy Rishaan A good human being
279 Boy Rishaav A good human being
280 Boy Rishab Shiva's vehicle Bull
281 Boy Rishabh Superior, a musical note
282 Boy Rishal Help
283 Boy Rishank Rishi ka ank
284 Boy Rishant End of ray of light
285 Boy Rishaob Shiva's vehicle Bull
286 Boy Rishi a saint, sage
287 Boy Rishik Lord Shiva
288 Boy Rishikesh Lord of the senses, Vishnu
289 Boy Rishil An ascetic, A sage
290 Boy Rishiraaj Great continent man
291 Boy Rishiraj Great continent man
292 Boy Rishit the best
293 Boy Rishith Good Boy
294 Boy Rishon The first
295 Boy Rishva Elevated, High, Sublime, Epithet of several deitie
296 Boy Rishvanjas Lord Indra
297 Boy Risshit Saintly; One who is knowledgeable
298 Boy Ritain Brave
299 Boy Ritajit Conquerer Of Knowledge
300 Boy Ritam Beautiful
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