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Tula Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Tula Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter R and Ta with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on tula rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Tula Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
1 Boy Raaghav Lord Ram
2 Boy Raahithya Lots Of Money Person
3 Boy Raajeev blue lotus, one who rules all
4 Boy Rachit Invention, written
5 Boy Radhak Liberal
6 Boy Radhakanta Lord Krishna
7 Boy Radhakrishna Radha And Lord Krishna
8 Boy Radhatanaya Son Of Radha
9 Boy Radhavallabh Lord Krishna Beloved Of Radha
10 Boy Radhe The beloved of Lord Krishna
11 Boy Radhesh A Name For Lord Krishna
12 Boy Radheshyam Lord Krishna
13 Boy Radheya Karna
14 Boy Radheyshyam Lord Krishna; Beloved of Radha
15 Boy Radhik The beloved of Lord Krishna
16 Boy Rafat Elevation
17 Boy Raghav Lord Rama
18 Boy Raghavan A descendant of RaghuVamsa
19 Boy Raghavendra Lord Rama
20 Boy Raghbir Brave Lord Rama
21 Boy Raghu The Family Of Lord Rama
22 Boy Raghubir Lord Rama
23 Boy Raghubir;raghubeer;raghuvir;raghuveer Lord Rama
24 Boy Raghukumara Lord Ram
25 Boy Raghunandan Lord Rama
26 Boy Raghunath Lord Rama
27 Boy Raghupati Lord Rama
28 Boy Raghuveer Lord Rama; Brave man of the Raghu clan
29 Boy Raghuvir Lord Rama
30 Boy Ragin Melody
31 Boy Rahas Secret
32 Boy Raheem Merciful
33 Boy Rahi Traveller
34 Boy Raivata A Manu
35 Boy Raivath Wealthy
36 Boy Raiyan Satisfaction, contented
37 Boy Raja King
38 Boy Rajagopal Lord Vishnu Name
39 Boy Rajak Illuminating
40 Boy Rajani night
41 Boy Rajanikant Sun, Lord Of Night
42 Boy Rajanikanta Moon
43 Boy Rajanya Kingly
44 Boy Rajarshi King's Sage
45 Boy Rajas Mastery; Fame; Pride
46 Boy Rajasekaran Best of kings
47 Boy Rajasri King
48 Boy Rajat silver
49 Boy Rajatanabhi Very Rich. Lord Vishnu
50 Boy Rajatshubhra White As Silver
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