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Sikh Girls Baby Names

Choose Sikh Girls Names from our unique and huge collection of Sikh Baby Names. Our categorized list of sikh names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby girl. Also find Sikh Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Sikh Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderSikh Baby NameMeaning
101 Girl Keerat One who sings glories of God
102 Girl Khushpreet Loving and delightful
103 Girl Kuldeep The lamp of the family
104 Girl Lakhbir As brave as a hundred thousand
105 Girl Laveneet Soccer
106 Girl Livdeep Absorbed in the Lamp of Light
107 Girl Livleen Absorbed in adoration of God
108 Girl Livpreet Absorbed in the love of God
109 Girl Livroop Embodiment of absorbtion in God
110 Girl Loveleen Love to god
111 Girl Mahindar God of gods
112 Girl Mandeep Light of sages
113 Girl Manjit The one who controls the mind
114 Girl Namgeet One whose life is the song of Naam
115 Girl Namjas One who sings praises of Naam
116 Girl Namjeev One who lives absorbed in Naam
117 Girl Namjot The light of Naam
118 Girl Namleen Absorbed in the Lord's Essence
119 Girl Nampreet One who loves the Lord's Being
120 Girl Namroop One who becomes the embodiment of Naam
121 Girl Narinder The king
122 Girl Narveer A brave person
123 Girl Navbir The new warrior
124 Girl Navjeet The new victory
125 Girl Navjeev The ever fresh life
126 Girl Navjot The new light, always bright
127 Girl Navneet One who is ever new
128 Girl Nirmal The one who is pure
129 Girl Nirman The egoless, humble
130 Girl Nitnam One who ceaselessly remembers the Lord
131 Girl Noor The Divine Light
132 Girl Parambir The greatest of warriors
133 Girl Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine
134 Girl Paramgeet The highest song of Bliss
135 Girl Paramjit Supremely victorious
136 Girl Paramleen Absorbed in the Highest, God
137 Girl Parampal God, the caretaker
138 Girl Parampreet One who loves the Lord
139 Girl Paramveer The greatest warrior
140 Girl Parbeen Capable, skilful, efficient
141 Girl Pardeep Mystic light
142 Girl Parmindar God of gods
143 Girl Patveer The respected brave one
144 Girl Prabhbir God's brave warrior
145 Girl Prabhdeep The lamp of God, God's dear one
146 Girl Prabhgun One having Godly merits
147 Girl Prabhjeet One who wins the love of God
148 Girl Prabhjot The light of God
149 Girl Prabhleen Absorbed in God's Love
150 Girl Prabhnoor The light of God
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