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Sikh Girls Baby Names

Choose Sikh Girls Names from our unique and huge collection of Sikh Baby Names. Our categorized list of sikh names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby girl. Also find Sikh Baby Boys Names by alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Sikh Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderSikh Baby NameMeaning
51 Girl Gurmeet The friend of the Guru
52 Girl Gurneet Guru's moral
53 Girl Gurparveen Goddess of the stars
54 Girl Gurshant Attaining peace through the Word of the Guru
55 Girl Gursharan One who takes shelter in the Guru
56 Girl Gursukh One who is blissful through Guru
57 Girl Gurveer Warrior of the Guru
58 Girl Harbhajan A devotee absorbed in the Lord
59 Girl Harbir Warrior of God
60 Girl Hardeep Lamp of God
61 Girl Hardipa Lamp of God
62 Girl Harjap One who meditates on the Lord
63 Girl Harjeevan One who lives a God-oriented life
64 Girl Harjit Victorious through God's Grace
65 Girl Harjot God's Light
66 Girl Harkeerat One who sings God's praises
67 Girl Harkiran The ray of God's Light
68 Girl Harmeet God's devotee, beloved friend
69 Girl Harpal One protected by God
70 Girl Harpreet One who loves God
71 Girl Harsharan One who takes shelter in the Lord
72 Girl Ikjot The One light, God's light
73 Girl Indirjeet One who wins the love of God
74 Girl Indirpreet Lover of God
75 Girl Indirveer God's warrior
76 Girl Jaipreet The victory of love
77 Girl Japbir A brave one who remembers God
78 Girl Japjot One awakening in the light of meditation
79 Girl Japleen Absorbed in God's remembrance
80 Girl Jasbir A brave one who sings God's praises
81 Girl Jaskeerat One who sings praises of the Lord
82 Girl Jasminder Lord's glory
83 Girl Jasmine Fragrant flower
84 Girl Jasmira Jasmine
85 Girl Jasmit Famed
86 Girl Jasnam One singhing the glories of Naam
87 Girl Jaspinder Lord's glory
88 Girl Jaspreet One who loves to sing praises of the Lord
89 Girl Jassi Jasmine Flower
90 Girl Jasveer A brave one who sings God's praises
91 Girl Jaswant Worthy of praise
92 Girl Jasweer Victorious
93 Girl Jatinder One who has conquered the five evils
94 Girl Jeet Victorious
95 Girl Jogindar Establishing union with God
96 Girl Kanwal Detached & unsoiled like the lotus flower
97 Girl Karamdeep Lamp of God's Grace
98 Girl Karamjot Light of God's Grace
99 Girl Karampreet The lover of God's Grace
100 Girl Kartar Creative like God
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