Mithun Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Mithun Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter K, Chh and Gh with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on mithun rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Mithun Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
1 Girl Carishma blessing
2 Girl Celina Moon goddess
3 Girl Chhavi Reflection
4 Girl Chhavvi image, radiance
5 Girl Chhaya shadow
6 Girl Chhaya-chaaya Shadow
7 Girl Cimtaamani Little Cinder Girl
8 Girl Citra Excellent; bright
9 Girl Citraamgi Excellent; bright
10 Girl Citraani Worthy of praise
11 Girl Citrakala Arts of Eternal Knowledge
12 Girl Citralaekha Bright
13 Girl Ghanika Flower
14 Girl Gharcheen One who realizes the Home within
15 Girl Ghorarupa Having a fierce outlook
16 Girl Kaadambani A garland of clouds; A daughter of Taksaka
17 Girl Kaadambari Female cuckoo, Goddess Saraswati
18 Girl Kaadambi Cloud; orange flower
19 Girl Kaalaratri Goddess who is black like night
20 Girl Kaalika Rosebud
21 Girl Kaalimdi Rosebud
22 Girl Kaamaesvari Durga; granter of wishes
23 Girl Kaamakya Durga; granter of wishes
24 Girl Kaambhoeji musical mode
25 Girl Kaamcana Durga; granter of wishes
26 Girl Kaamini Beautiful Woman
27 Girl Kaamta Attractive
28 Girl Kaamtamma Attractive
29 Girl Kaarteeka One who bestows courage and happiness
30 Girl Kaarunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Merciful, Compass
31 Girl Kaashvi Goddess of Luck
32 Girl Kaasmeera Beauty of Kashmir; Grape; Coming from Kashmir
33 Girl Kaatyaayani A name of the Goddess Durga
34 Girl Kaavee Poet
35 Girl Kaaveri Name of a holy river
36 Girl Kaaviya Poetry in Motion
37 Girl Kaavy Poet
38 Girl Kaavya Poetry
39 Girl Kaaya
40 Girl Kaayna Variant of Kay
41 Girl Kacy A alert; vigorous.
42 Girl Kadambari Female cuckoo, Goddess Saraswati
43 Girl Kadambini Garlanded with clouds
44 Girl Kaesini Moonlight
45 Girl Kahkashan Stars
46 Girl Kaiesha Companion
47 Girl Kaira Peaceful
48 Girl Kairavi Moonlight
49 Girl Kaisha Point; spine; thorn
50 Girl Kaishi Shining
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