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Mithun Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Mithun Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter K, Chh and Gh with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on mithun rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Mithun Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
301 Girl Krithiksha Wealth, pride
302 Girl Krithya Action
303 Girl Kriti a work of art
304 Girl Kritika Formation Of Stars
305 Girl Kritishree Work of art
306 Girl Kritleen Bright Art
307 Girl Krittika Name of a star
308 Girl Kriya One who is in action
309 Girl Krrooraa Brutal (on demons)
310 Girl Krupa grace
311 Girl Krupaalani grace
312 Girl Krupali Who always forgives
313 Girl Krushi Hard work
314 Girl Krushnageeta Krishana and Geeta
315 Girl Krushnakumaari Youthful
316 Girl Krushnavaeni Saraswati
317 Girl Kruti Creation
318 Girl Krutika The star's name
319 Girl Kruttika Plaids; Name of a star
320 Girl Kshama forgiveness
321 Girl Kshamanidhi The Place of Treasure
322 Girl Kshamaya The Place of Illusion
323 Girl Kshamya Earth
324 Girl Ksheeraja Goddess Mahalakshmi
325 Girl Kshirja Goddess Laxmi
326 Girl Kshiti Earth
327 Girl Kshitika Earth
328 Girl Kshrija Earth
329 Girl Ksrinika Earth
330 Girl Kuharika Cuckoo
331 Girl Kuhoo The sweet note
332 Girl Kuhu The sweet note
333 Girl Kulashree Offering flowers, fire
334 Girl Kuldeep The lamp of the family
335 Girl Kullali Women's Hair
336 Girl Kumaari Goddess Durga
337 Girl Kumdana Pure; Gold
338 Girl Kumtala Wolf
339 Girl Kumti Lover of the sun god
340 Girl Kumud lotus
341 Girl Kumudini The white night lotus
342 Girl Kumudvati An assemblage of lotuses, Name of a sister of serp
343 Girl Kumutham Kind of Flower; Gregarious; Greatness
344 Girl Kumuthavalli Old and Ancient Man
345 Girl Kunda name of a flower
346 Girl Kundanika golden girl
347 Girl Kunisha flower
348 Girl Kunj The woods
349 Girl Kunjal cuckoo, nightingale
350 Girl Kunjan Forest
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