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Mesh Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Mesh Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter A, L and I with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on mesh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Mesh Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
51 Boy Aarav Peaceful
52 Boy Aaraw Calm, peaceful
53 Boy Aaren Mountain of strength
54 Boy Aareyn Mountain of strength
55 Boy Aari Mountain of strength
56 Boy Aarihaan Same as Aarjav
57 Boy Aarish sky
58 Boy Aarit One who seeks the right direction
59 Boy Aariv King of wisdom.
60 Boy Aarive King of wisdom.
61 Boy Aarmaan Wish, longing
62 Boy Aarnav Ocean
63 Boy Aarnay Sea
64 Boy Aarnesh Lord of the Sea.
65 Boy Aarogya Healthy Girl
66 Boy Aaroh One who ascends, A rider, Rising, Pride, Elevation
67 Boy Aarohan Climbing up, Name of Shiva
68 Boy Aaromal Fragrance
69 Boy Aarpit To Donate
70 Boy Aarsh Pavitra, Pure
71 Boy Aarshab It's An another Name of Shri Krishna
72 Boy Aarsuh
73 Boy Aarth Meaning
74 Boy Aarthav Meaningful
75 Boy Aaru Peaceful
76 Boy Aarunav The Red Flavour
77 Boy Aarush First Ray Of Sun.
78 Boy Aaruv Peaceful
79 Boy Aarv Melodious / Good Sound / Music
80 Boy Aarvik
81 Boy Aaryaman Aristocratic, Sun
82 Boy Aaryan Illustrious, Noble, Spiritual, Ancient,
83 Boy Aaryash Noble
84 Boy Aaryav noble person
85 Boy Aaryavir Brave Man
86 Boy Aaryik Noble
87 Boy Aashish blessing
88 Boy Aashman Son of sun
89 Boy Aashrith Ruler
90 Boy Aashu Its a another name of Lord Shiva.
91 Boy Aashutosh One Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly
92 Boy Aashwik Blessed and Victorious
93 Boy Aasteek Faith in God
94 Boy Aasthick faith
95 Boy Aastik Faith in God
96 Boy Aatharv Veda, Ganesh
97 Boy Aatharva Veda, Ganesh
98 Boy Aathmey
99 Boy Aatiksha
100 Boy Aatish Explosive, a dynamic person
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