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Mesh Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Mesh Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter A, L and I with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on mesh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Mesh Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
151 Boy Abisranta
152 Boy Achintay Beyond understanding; inconceivable
153 Boy Achinthya Beyond understanding; inconceivable
154 Boy Achintya Beyond understanding; inconceivable
155 Boy Achuth Protector that Bonds and Impresses
156 Boy Achyuta indestructible
157 Boy Achyuth Lord Vishnu, Imperishable,indestructible
158 Boy Adam Of the red earth.
159 Boy Adarsh Ideal
160 Boy Adavay Sun
161 Boy Aday Noble, honorable
162 Boy Addi My witness, adorned, prey
163 Boy Addy Man of the red earth
164 Boy Adeel Judge, Honest
165 Boy Adeena noble, gentle, delicate
166 Boy Aden Attractive; handsome
167 Boy Adesh Command
168 Boy Adharsh Sun
169 Boy Adharv Name of Ganesha; The first Vedas
170 Boy Adharva Name of Ganesha; The first Vedas
171 Boy Adhav Sun's another name is Adhav (Adhavan)
172 Boy Adhavan Sun
173 Boy Adhik Greater
174 Boy Adhikaansh Part Of Greater
175 Boy Adhiraaj King
176 Boy Adhish The God worshipped by the Gods them selve
177 Boy Adhith Goddess of the sky and fertility.
178 Boy Adhithya The sun
179 Boy Adhitya The sun
180 Boy Adhokshaj An epithet of Krishna and Vishnu
181 Boy Adhrith Lord vishnu
182 Boy Adhvaith Non-dulaism.
183 Boy Adhvay
184 Boy Adhvik Unique
185 Boy Adhvith Unique
186 Boy Adhyah Goddess Durga
187 Boy Adhyay Goddess Durga
188 Boy Adhyayan Education
189 Boy Adi Ornament; Adornment
190 Boy Adii Ornament; adornment; jewel
191 Boy Adiraj One who has no Limits
192 Boy Adisesh Lord Vishnu
193 Boy Adit First; sun
194 Boy Aditheeya First; sun
195 Boy Adithya The sun
196 Boy Adithyan Belonging To Aditi; Sun
197 Boy Aditiya The sun
198 Boy Adityesh First; sun
199 Boy Adiya God's ornament
200 Boy Adiyan Pious, Religious
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