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Kumbh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Kumbh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter G, S and Sh with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on kumbh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Kumbh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
351 Girl Sanvitha Laxmi, Saraswati
352 Girl Sanvritti
353 Girl Sanyukta Relating to
354 Girl Saparna leafy
355 Girl Saphala Successful
356 Girl Sapna Dream
357 Girl Sarabjeet Winning all
358 Girl Sarabjot All-prevading Light
359 Girl Sarableen One who prevades in all
360 Girl Sarada-sharda Goddess Saraswati
361 Girl Sarakshi good sight
362 Girl Saranshi In Brief
363 Girl Saranya Giver of refuge
364 Girl Sarasa Swan
365 Girl Sarasija Lotus
366 Girl Sarasvati A goddess of learning
367 Girl Sarathchandrika Composed of parts
368 Girl Saravati A river
369 Girl Sarayu Wind; Holy river
370 Girl Sargun With highest attributes
371 Girl Sarika A thing of beauty; Nature
372 Girl Sarita River
373 Girl Sarmishta Wife of Yayati
374 Girl Saroeja Born in a lake; lotus
375 Girl Saroejini Luxmi
376 Girl Sarthaki Successful, Welldone
377 Girl Sarthi Lord Krishna
378 Girl Sarvaani The All
379 Girl Sarvaastradhaarini Possessor of all the missile weapons
380 Girl Sarvabhootahitaprada Provider of Universal Facts
381 Girl Sarvadaanavaghaatini Possessing the power to kill all the demons
382 Girl Sarvadni Goddess Parvati
383 Girl Sarvaesvari The Goddess of All
384 Girl Sarvagjna Goddess Durga
385 Girl Sarvagna Having total knowledge
386 Girl Sarvaja Having total knowledge
387 Girl Sarvalakshmi The original source of all the goddesses of fortun
388 Girl Sarvamantramayi One who possess all the instruments of thought
389 Girl Sarvapadravanivarini Dispeller of all Distresses
390 Girl Sarvashaastramayi One who is deft in all theories
391 Girl Sarvasuravinasha Destroyer of all demons
392 Girl Sarvavahanavahana One who rides all vehicles
393 Girl Sarvavidya Knowledgeable
394 Girl Sarvika Universal
395 Girl Saryu River Sharayu
396 Girl Sasha Defender, helper of mankind
397 Girl Sashi Moon
398 Girl Sashivi The Moon
399 Girl Sasi Moon
400 Girl Sasikala Moon light
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