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Kumbh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Kumbh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter G, S and Sh with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on kumbh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Kumbh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
501 Girl Shakthi Power
502 Girl Shaleen Praiseworthy, ideal, elegant, decorous
503 Girl Shaley Butterfly princess in the meadow
504 Girl Shalini Modesty
505 Girl Shalvi The peace of God
506 Girl Shama Forgive
507 Girl Shamaira Forgive
508 Girl Shambavi The consort of Shambhava
509 Girl Shambhvai The consort of Shambhava
510 Girl Shamika Loving and kind. Love attention but can be shy. ve
511 Girl Shamili A Stone Slab
512 Girl Shamita Peacemaker
513 Girl Shamitha Who is calm and disciplined
514 Girl Shanaya First Ray Of Sun
515 Girl Shandrila Proud
516 Girl Shanika
517 Girl Shanjana Soft, meek, gentle
518 Girl Shanmugapriya First Sun Of Lord Shiva
519 Girl Shannaya First Ray Of Sun
520 Girl Shanta Peaceful
521 Girl Shanthi Peace
522 Girl Shanvee Goddess Parvati
523 Girl Shanvi Goddess Parvati
524 Girl Sharada Autumnal; mature
525 Girl Sharakshi Brief
526 Girl Sharanaya Giver of refuge
527 Girl Sharanjeet One who attains the Guru's shelter
528 Girl Sharannya Giver of refuge
529 Girl Sharanya Giver of refuge
530 Girl Sharavya Melodious
531 Girl Sharda Goddess Saraswati
532 Girl Sharinee Earth
533 Girl Sharmi Goddess Saraswati
534 Girl Sharmilee Shy, unpretentious
535 Girl Sharmishta Wife of Yayati
536 Girl Sharmistha Wife of Yayati
537 Girl Sharnyaa Giver of refuge
538 Girl Sharrvi Goddess Durga or Goddess Parvati
539 Girl Sharvanee
540 Girl Sharvani The consort of Sharva
541 Girl Sharvari Night
542 Girl Sharwari Period between sunset and sunrise
543 Girl Sharyali Night
544 Girl Sharyanshi Part Of Night
545 Girl Shasha Lord Chandra (Moon)
546 Girl Shashini Lord Chandra (Moon)
547 Girl Shashwati Permanent; perpetual
548 Girl Shaswati Eternal
549 Girl Shatakshi One with hundreds of eyes; Goddess Parvati
550 Girl Shatvikha Soft
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