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Kumbh Rashi Girls Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Kumbh Rashi Baby Girls Names beginning with the letter G, S and Sh with their meanings. Here you can find indian girls names on kumbh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Kumbh Rashi Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
601 Girl Shomili Beautiful and elegant
602 Girl Shonaya Red, Crimson, Purple, Saffron, Blood
603 Girl Shonayaa Red, Crimson, Purple, Saffron, Blood
604 Girl Shooldharini One who holds a monodent
605 Girl Shraddha Devotion
606 Girl Shradha Trust
607 Girl Shradhdha Faith, trust
608 Girl Shragvee Cnadle, Light
609 Girl Shravani Born in the month of Shravan
610 Girl Shravi Cool
611 Girl Shravistha Cool
612 Girl Shravni Born in the month of Shravan
613 Girl Shravya Musical Tone
614 Girl Shrawani Born in the month of Shravan
615 Girl Shree Diffusing light, radiance, beauty
616 Girl Shreegouri Goddess Lakshmi
617 Girl Shreeja Jatika of goddess Laxmi
618 Girl Shreejal Goddess Durga's Wanderer
619 Girl Shreemayi Fortunate
620 Girl Shreesha Flower
621 Girl Shreevana Fame of the family
622 Girl Shreeya Auspicious; Goddess Lakshmi
623 Girl Shrena Foremost, Best, First
624 Girl Shrenu Classic, most excellent, best
625 Girl Shreshtha Exquisite
626 Girl Shreshthaa Exquisite
627 Girl Shreshthi Exquisite
628 Girl Shresta Foremost; Best; First
629 Girl Shresthi Foremost; Best; First
630 Girl Shreyanshi Derived from Shreyas
631 Girl Shreyanvi Goddess Lakshmi, Durga
632 Girl Shreyasi The best girl in the universe
633 Girl Shri Goddess Lakshmi
634 Girl Shrija Goddess Laxmi
635 Girl Shrika Fortune
636 Girl Shrikha Small whistle; name/type of a bird; fortune
637 Girl Shrimayi Fortunate
638 Girl Shrina Night
639 Girl Shrineeka Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi
640 Girl Shrinidhi A Hindu Goddess - Lakshmi
641 Girl Shripada Goddess Lakshmi
642 Girl Shristhi Universe
643 Girl Shristi Universe
644 Girl Shristy Universe
645 Girl Shritha Goddess Laxmi
646 Girl Shrithika Memories
647 Girl Shriti Memories
648 Girl Shritka Creative and intelligent girl
649 Girl Shrivalli Goddess Lakshmi
650 Girl Shrividya Goddess Lakshmi
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