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Strengthen your Relationship by Love and Romance during Pregnancy Many couples think that the start of pregnancy ends their romantic period. This is not true if you keep your heart romantic. Romance or love is a thing that never ends, but grows with time. Similarly you should enjoy your pregnancy period with full of romance and you should not miss a single chance to become happy from romantic moments. When you love someone, you should not see that how much love you do or how your partner responds to your love or equally love you. You just need to give love to each other without any expectation; you will find it will double in return. You should get fully romantic as it is not possible after birth of your baby, you can devote less time to get romantic or love each other due to busy schedule to attend your baby.

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Dr. Kokil Dave Posted: Monday, November 12, 2012 7:43:16 PM(UTC)
sometimes it happens that milk production occur after 5 mths of pregnancy,, but in some rare case it express before delivery of baby , so need not to worry,,,
caitlinM Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2012 1:18:02 PM(UTC)
Its her breast starting to produce milk.... Im 7 1/2 months pregnant and the same think happens to me... its nothing to be worried about its suppose to happen... Its not actually breast milk yet its a hormone that when your baby is first born, he/she will drink until the milk come in a few days after he/she is born... but its completely normal. If it bothers you don't suck right on her nipple, around the nipple and really anywhere on her breast will do the job! Just remember to run your tongue over her nipples.