Product Review - Pigeon Nose Cleaner


Price Range

INR 170 to  245

Age Group

01- 02 Years

About Product

Cleaning up is an important part of keeping the overall health of your baby. In this are also included the task of nose-cleaning. This is a product that helps to clean your baby's noses delicately in a gentle manner. Care must be taken while using it, like the rubber pump be compressed before the soft nozzle is inserted into the baby's soft nostrils. It should never be the other way round. Then, again the baby always be hold in the arms. These precautions are very important less the mucus membranes of the baby are damaged.

This specially design, soft nose cleaning tool enables you to clean the delicate mucus membrane of your baby. This nose cleaning tool for babies has a soft nozzle and rubber pump. The soft nozzle enables to a softy and proper cleaning of the nostrils, without leaving any scratch marks in the delicate mucous membranes of your baby. The soft tip won't damage mucous membranes. On the other hand, the rubber cap of this dropper type nose cleaner protects the nozzle from the dust or germs and makes it hygienic for your toddler. This nose cleaner is recommended for children between one to two years.

The dropper shaped Pigeon Nose Cleaner Blister Pack for babies are very easy to use. To clean your baby's nose, hold your baby in arms and place in the nostrils and clean them mildly. During the cleaning, you need not to compress the rubber pump when the nozzle is inside your baby's nostril. If you want to use the rubber pump, then you have an option to control the suction of the rubber pump.

This Pigeon baby nose cleaner also comes with a nozzle cap that protects the nozzle from dust and other outside elements, thereby enabling you to keep it hygienic. Safe and Easy to Use. Its Non toxic plastic makes it hygienic and safe to use for babies. The dropper type design ensures a comfortable and easy nose cleaning. You can control the suction of the rubber pump. It is a safe measure for cleaning baby's nostrils and medically approved.

Overall a good product, for small kids during congestion. Helpful and easy to use, quickly clear the nasal congestion. Kids with running nose is a major issue found in every house. This product will definitely give some peace of mind to your baby having running, will make them breathe properly and sleep better.

About Company/Brand

Established in 1957, Pigeon is well recognized by many parents as a manufacturer of baby care and mother care products. Pigeon has the top share in baby and child care products in Japan. More than 80% of revenue comes from Domestic Baby and Mother Care (29.0%) and Oversea Business (27.8%), China Business (31.3%), and the rest comes from Child-rearing Support Services  and Health Care and Nursing Care Business. Our oversea business is expanding due mainly to sales expansion in China. 


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