Product Review - Bilibo kids shell shaped Toy, Seat multipurpose usage by Moluk


Price Range

INR 649 to 4000

Age Group

02 -07 Years

About Product

Made of non-toxic, recyclable, high-density polyethylene. Stimulates imaginative play. This open-ended toy provides hours of fun play. Almost indestructible. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play. 


Deceptively simple and magically attractive, Bilibo's iconic shell shape and bright colors immediately appeal to children. Developed in collaboration with childhood development experts, Bilibo's unique form arouses curiosity, engages the imagination and playfully trains basic motor skills and balance and encourages creativity. Both boys and girls, find unlimited ways to play with Bilibos – using them to rock in, spin in, hide under, sit on, tote with, and peek through. Bilibo provides hours of fun, indoors and outdoors – all year round: at home, at the park, at the beach, in water, and even on snow. 

The colorful Mini Bilibos are durable and wonderfully versatile play objects that will accompany kids from their first year onwards. It can be stacked and nested, they act as floating ducks, sand shovels, toy bowls, spinning tops, racing cars or scoops for snowballs. The only limit is your imagination. Impressive construction , thick, heavyweight plastic with all smooth edges.  You can flip it over and stand on top by yourself and it only flexes slightly. They are a good size, an adult of medium build could sit in one. Kids can get in and cross their legs inside too. 

The shape is great - two of them fit together to form a kind of spherical shape. The two holes are inspired as kids will love putting them on their heads and looking through the holes. Kids can find a ton of uses from it. They can spin the Bilibo and put a marble in and watch it go around. They can spin around in them themselves. They can use it as the center in their block building expeditions, as a seat and to port toys around the house.

This simple looking shell shaped plastic ball is just out of kids' imagination, though by looking at it, one would never try to purchase such silly thing, but compared to its simplicity as a kids toy it gives lots of imaginary and creativity to the kid, they simply can get themselves engaged with this simple toy and having lots of fun with it. Fun way to play with a toddler. Kids can use their imagination to do whatever they want with this toy.

It would definitely give hours of fun, the colors are too good, bright and attractive. Build Quality is at par excellent. Made in China, no sharp finishes. Single Mould, durable after numerous throwing and banging. May get Slippery on tiles/marble flooring, if tumbled upside for standing on it. Balance is good when sitting and rotating. Durable enough to hold bigger fellows to sit on top of it. So no fear of breakage. 

About Company/Brand

MOLUK is a family business founded in 2011 by Alex Hochstrasser, the designer and inventor of Bilibo, and his sister Doris Hochstrasser, an architect. 


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