Product Review - Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP 27T By Motorola


Price Range INR 9400 to 10300


Age Group

0 - 6 Years

About Product 

The Motorola MBP27T allows you to keep a close eye on your baby wherever you are in the home. It also comes complete with a handy thermometer for checking room temperature, or your baby's temperature if you are worried your little one has a fever. Features for Motorola MBP27T Video Baby Monitor and Non-Touch Thermometer 2.4" Colour LCD screen 2.4Ghz FHSS wireless technology No-Touch Infrared Temp Sensing for fever, food, or bath Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom Pair up to 4 cameras LED sound level indicator Infrared Night Vision Visual sound level indicator Two-way communication Requires 1 x Recharable battery pack batteries Free 1 year guarantee. The Motorola MBP27T monitor features a 2.4" colour screen so you can see your baby, even when you can't be in the same room. The camera of the baby monitoring unit can be panned, tilted and zoomed remotely from the parent unit, and features infra red night vision, so no matter how dark the room you can still see your little one. To ensure you are always in touch with your baby, there is a two way communication feature meaning you can speak to them and offer words of reassurance, and the monitor has an LED sound level indicator too. As well as being able to monitor your baby via the video link, the Motorola MBP27T also comes complete with a No-Touch thermometer so you can keep an eye on your baby's temperture.

For the busy parent who needs to maneuver around the house, the MBP27T gives uninterrupted streaming and adjusts to make you feel safe monitoring your baby from a distance.

High in resolution, in color, screen. However is similar to streaming video from a popular user-shared video site (YT) at around 240p. You will be able to make out if your baby is sweaty, looks cold (blue-ish face), or has vomited on themselves. Great Audio pickup. Adjust the camera pan and zoom. Night Vision--able to see a white/green pixelated representation of your baby. Good enough to see if they are shaking or awake. Built-in ambient thermometer  inconsistent because ambient air reduces its accuracy. Video streams well, even through walls. Audio quality is impressive as the microphone is quite effective at picking up even the faintest of sounds. Monitor unit is good and has a decent frequency range. The Picture quality is good and serves the purpose. Thumbs up for the night vision microphone and speaker. It automatically switches to the dim/low light for night vision. 


Another good feature is panning ability with a simple touch you can adjust the camera and can see all the way around the room. The pan and tilt will get you about 15 degrees of movement so you can take a look at a larger viewing area. 

Temperature sensor not so effective and poor battery life. Recharging of batteries takes long hours.

The device is light and compact, making it easy to cram into tight places or conceal in nooks and crannies. It is easy to set up and use. Just Plug and Play.

Overall, a rather nice video baby monitor, however, it falls short in its ability to multi-function in other areas; specifically regarding the inconsistent temperature readings.

About Company/Brand

A Big name in mobile communication industry. Motorola  a multinational telecommunications company based in Schaumburg, Illinois, United States.

Availability junglee.com, amazon.in, flipkart.com

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