Product Review - Cloth Diaper by Bottom Genius


Price Range

INR 300 to 500

Age Group

3  - 36 Months

About Product

Reusable cloth diapers are made of high quality cloth material with a waterproof outer layer and stay dry inner layer which keeps baby skin dry for long. Since the material is of cotton so no worries about side effects. No colors used for the product and the white color help to ensure proper cleaning of the diaper. The terry fabric used are good at absorbing liquids in the diaper. The hook and loop fasteners ensure proper fitting of the product on the body. Best for Baby and free from any super absorbing polymer chemicals. Highly economical compared to disposable diapers. One purchase of diaper will allow to use for kids from 3 months to 3 years. 

It is Eco-Friendly. No worries about how to discard the used product as like disposable diapers. It is convenient as one purchase of required number of Cloth diapers and can be used repeatedly over time. Can be used for the siblings in the future.

Though the overall quality is good compared to other diapers but Velcro, snaps can create a bit of irritation and hurts on baby's tummy. Velcro closures may come out if diaper becomes heavy with fluid. Even it does not hold the diaper properly and may hurt the baby at times.Though the material used is soft but the elastic provided to hold the grip may cause rashes and sidelines on baby's skin. The outer pull is not so soft as it has to be  gently pull out.

Wearing this would give baby comfort comapared to disposable diapers and can give good sleep as well.  Doesn't have to worry about little baby's sleep disturbance due to wetness. Good quality. Nice and soft material. 

About Company/Brand

Bottom Genius makes Re-Usable cloth Diapers, One size fits all, All-in-One. Though the company doesnot have its own website but has their products available on all major online sites.


shopclues.com, ebay.in, amazon.in, snapdeal.com, discountkart.in, flipkart.com

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