1. Blogging
It would obviously take time to start off with something new and establishing it. But meanwhile you can try blogging. You don’t really need anything, just having a personal computer and an internet connection would suffice. Jot down your experiences and make use of your skills. Nowadays it is very easy to start a blog and promote it. Blogging is nothing but a digital personal diary. Money can be made off from blogging once you have established your place and started getting visitors by placing advertisements on your site.
2. Selling stuff online
Selling stuff online
This is supposedly one of the easiest and safest jobs that one can try. There are many sites wherein a housewife can register herself and sell stuff online. Whether you sell handmade products or ready-made products, there is a huge demand for any kind of stuff online. Online shopping is already a rage and is only increasing. Plus there is good money in store once you establish yourself.
3. Online Teaching Job
Online Teaching Job
If you are even slightly good at teaching, you can utilize that and take up a job as an online tutor. There are plenty of sites online whereby you can register yourself and start off. Teaching for any field like language tutoring, tutoring for school students, skill training, personality training, etc., is a rage right now. Plus there is plenty of money in there. Most of the times there is no requirement of any specific qualifications or experience.
4. Product Testing Jobs
Product Testing Jobs
This is slowly gaining popularity. Anyone can do it. There are plenty of companies who would pay you to test their products and review them. This is normally done before they launch the products in the market and it is done to check how their targeted consumers would react to the product. How much money you make would vary from company to company, but normally the money is decent enough.
5. Data Entry Jobs
Data Entry Jobs
This is perfect for those housewives who aren’t very qualified and don’t have much experience. All that is required is typing and reading. This is very basic and just giving 3-4 hours per day can get you decent money.