1. Kids shouldn’t always come first
Kids shouldn’t always come first
Becoming a parent is life altering, yes. But so is being married. In the wake of your baby do not neglect your husband and your relationship. It could be one of the most interesting chapters of your life. If you are experiencing it for the first time, it is a great opportunity to get to know each other as parents. Jeffrey Platts, a relationship expert and men's coach says that although this philosophy may not set well with many parents, kids growing up with parents having a healthy relationship, naturally model that behavior in a relationship. So it will not only strengthen your relationship, but will give your kid a happy home environment to grow up in.
2. Spent some quiet time together
Spent some quiet time together
Life is moving just too fast. And we all crave some alone time. In the midst of your kids, family life and other social responsibilities, it could get very difficult. Couples must have healthy discussions and communicate often but sometimes spending some quiet time with each other is a beautiful way of finding peace of mind and also staying connected. Take a walk at a park together, spend an afternoon cuddling up or read a book together. Sometimes all a relationship needs to rejuvenate is a little breathing space.
3. Do not assume your partner will stay with you forever
Do not assume your partner will stay with you forever
There is always a time in a relationship when a couple takes each other for granted. For some it might come within a few months of marriage, for others some years later. But it comes. And when it does, it casts an ugly shadow on your relationship. Fights become intense, arguments become repetitive and often always one person ends up compromising more than their share. Most people think, now that I have found the one, I can just sit back, put life on automatic and enjoy the ride. They assume their partner is on lock down and will never leave. The reality is, when we find “The one” we have to work every day to keep them in our life. It is essential to work at the relationship to enjoy a lifetime of love, joy and happiness together.
4. Text, tease and flirt like you are still dating
Text, tease and flirt like you are still dating
If you follow the previous tip, these will come naturally to you. Becoming a parent doesn’t mean all this needs to fade away. Write small notes to each other, some encouraging notes, some love notes, random texts or emojis are always a great way to spice up your daily routine. Keeping each other posted with the simple details of your life will also keep you more connected with your spouse especially since you are apart most of the day.
5. Take notice and look at each other with puppy eyes
Take notice and look at each other with puppy eyes
If you have ever had a dog or a puppy look at you with those innocent and longing eyes, you know that is the most heartfelt thing. Complimenting, dressing up for each other are a good way to get attention, but Evelyn Moschetta, a New York City-based couples therapist says looking at each other without blaming, judging, criticizing or controlling is a way to keep things fresh and new, without dragging the negative memories of a past day’s fight or argument.
6. Write each other’s eulogy
Write each other’s eulogy
Losing a loved one, changes how you see the world and the people in your life that matter the most. When you write a few words praising each other, giving a tribute to each other while you are still living, it is a beautiful way to show how much that person means to you. Because believe me, it is not something we do so often. When was the last time you praised your spouse? Let alone wrote about it! And there is something more lasting about writing things down.