1. Squats
Squats are difficult to master but once done properly, they are super-effective. Properly done squats would strengthen your glutes and quadriceps which are very important muscles. Also, the pressure around the knees would be alleviated and the surrounding muscles would be strengthened. Squats are also a great exercise for thighs. Hence starting off with small sets and gradually doing about 30-35 squats a day would be very effective.
2. Push-Ups
Pushups are basically an all-round exercise. They would strengthen your chest, arms, ABS, thighs and back. Again, like squats, pushups are difficult to perfect and if gone wrong that can give your body pain. Hence it is better to start with small sets and then gradually increase the count. Properly done pushups would be very effective in the long-term.
3. Skipping Rope
Skipping Rope
Skipping rope is an under-rated exercise. It is an overall body workout specifically affecting your arms and legs. Initially skipping rope for a whole minute would be difficult and there are chances you would be breathless in about 30-40 seconds. However, take your own time and gradually increase the time by 10 seconds.
4. Climbing Stairs
Climbing Stairs
In your daily routine, you are probably climbing steps a few times in a day. But convert this into an exercise and go up and down the same stairs for a couple of times. Do this for 5 minutes in a day and soon you will be surprised as to how effective a simple 5 minute exercise can be.
5. Crunches
Crunches are a great work-out for abs. Most moms complain as to how their stomach has bloated post pregnancy and crunches would be the solution to that. On seeing how crunches are done, they would seem very simple enough but they are not. You would feel like giving up after doing first 5, but don’t. Be patient and keep trying, you will feel the difference soon.