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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Work'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aamil Doer, work man, worker, effective
2 Boy Aamil Doer, work man
3 Boy Aatish Fireworks, explosive, dynamic person, name of lord
4 Girl Aatish Fireworks
5 Girl Aatisha Fireworks, similar to aatish
6 Boy Alarn One who works on correct time
7 Boy Amal Expectation, bird, hard work, bright, clean, pure,
8 Girl Amelia Industrious, work labour, work, fertile, effort, s
9 Boy Anucakra Who works according to schedule, organized, planne
10 Boy Asiel The work of god
11 Girl Candrakala Artwork like moon
12 Boy Devasilpa A divine work of art
13 Girl Emilee Variant of emily. hard worker.
14 Boy Emmet Powerful, hard worker, an ant, whole, immense, all
15 Girl Eshitha God is working on this
16 Boy Ferris Iron worker
17 Boy Fielding Field,field worker
18 Girl Geena Silvery, farm worker
19 Boy Geordie Earth-worker farmer
20 Boy George Earth-worker farmer
21 Boy Georgie Earth-worker farmer
22 Girl Ida Prosperous, happy, work, labour, woman, thirst, go
23 Girl Idaline Prosperous, happy, hardworking, working noble idel
24 Girl Ishkirat Always doing work in god way, beloved of god
25 Boy Jaasiel God's work.
26 Boy Jatasaya Network of roots, the ocean
27 Boy Kaam Effort, work, sexual desire
28 Boy Kaam Effort, work
29 Girl Kalaiselvi An art work
30 Girl Karma Deeds, work
31 Boy Karmanya Clever in work
32 Girl Kierat Dedicated or honest living by hard work
33 Girl Kirat Dedicated or honest living by hard work
34 Girl Kiratleen Does hard work
35 Girl Kirit Dedicated or honest living by hard work
36 Girl Kolka An ornamental work
37 Girl Krithi Work of art, action
38 Girl Kriti A work of art, work, achievement, winner
39 Girl Kriti A work of art, work, achievement, winner
40 Boy Kriti A work of art
41 Girl Kriti A work of art
42 Girl Kritishree Work of art
43 Boy Kritman A work of art
44 Boy Krushi Hard work
45 Girl Krushi Hard work
46 Girl Krushi Agriculture, hard work
47 Boy Krushik Hard working
48 Boy Krushival Hard worker
49 Boy Maaseiah The work of the lord
50 Boy Mabishan Intelligent, hardwork
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