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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Wise'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aagstyaa Wise man
2 Boy Aalim Religious scholar, man of learning, wise
3 Boy Aaqil Wise
4 Boy Abheerup The most handsome and wisest
5 Girl Abhignya Wise one
6 Girl Abhigya Wise one, expert, adept
7 Girl Abhigya Wise one, expert, adept
8 Girl Abhigyaa Wise one, expert, adept
9 Boy Abhijat Noble, wise
10 Boy Adhit Scholarly, intelligent, wise
11 Boy Adli Just, wise
12 Boy Agastaya Name of a wise man
13 Boy Agastya Name of a wise man
14 Boy Akeem Wise
15 Boy Aksapada Follower of knowledge, learned, wise, enlightened
16 Boy Alambha A wise man, judicious person
17 Girl Alda Rich, old, wise, noble
18 Boy Alden Old, wise protector
19 Boy Alden Wise guardian
20 Boy Alden Wise guardian
21 Boy Aldred Old, wise counselor
22 Boy Aldrich Wise counselor
23 Boy Aldrich Old wise leader
24 Boy Aldrich Old wise leader
25 Boy Aldrine Old and wise ruler
26 Boy Alfred Supernaturally wise
27 Boy Alfred Supernaturally wise
28 Girl Alfreda Elf counselor, wise counselor
29 Boy Alim Wise or learned
30 Boy Alim Learned, scholarly, omniscient, wise man
31 Girl Alima Wise
32 Girl Alima Wise
33 Boy Alman Kind, willing and wiseman
34 Boy Alvis All wise
35 Boy Alwin Wise friend
36 Boy Amura Wise, intelligent, sharpsighted
37 Boy Anasuri Not unwise, active, alert, intelligent
38 Girl Anshumati Wise, glorious, splendid
39 Girl Ansumati Wise, glorious, splendid
40 Girl Aqeelah Wise, sensible
41 Boy Aquil Wise
42 Girl Ariba Wise
43 Girl Aribah Wise
44 Boy Arif Knowing, knowledgeable, one who knows, wise, acqua
45 Girl Ariivu Wise understanding woman
46 Boy Ateeksh Wise
47 Boy Atiksh Wise
48 Boy Avabodha Perception, knowledge, wise
49 Boy Azhmeer Clever, wise
50 Boy Bachaspati Wise person
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