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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Wind'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aanandaprakash Wild wind
2 Boy Agnitra Agni's friend the wind
3 Boy Aira Of the wind
4 Boy Airavata As fast as the wind
5 Girl Airra Of the wind
6 Boy Alizeh Persian wind
7 Boy Anala Fire, wind
8 Boy Aneel Wind, white, holy, immaculate being
9 Girl Anemone Type of flower, wind
10 Boy Anil Puriest, wind, god of wind
11 Boy Anil Puriest, wind, god of wind
12 Boy Anil Wind
13 Boy Anilkumar Wind son
14 Boy Anila Wind, air
15 Girl Anila Air, wind
16 Boy Anilaabh Spirit of the wind
17 Boy Anilaabh;anilabh Spirit of the wind
18 Boy Anilaabh;anilabh Spirit of the wind
19 Boy Anilabh Spirit of the wind
20 Boy Anilesh Wind
21 Boy Aniljeet Victory over wind
22 Boy Anilkumar Son of wind, hanuman
23 Boy Anilpreet Love for wind
24 Girl Anjal Free flowing, wind
25 Boy Ankati Wind, fire
26 Boy Anul Wind
27 Boy Arva Fastest motion wind
28 Boy Asuga Swift, fleet, wind, sun
29 Girl Ayurvi East wind
30 Boy Badgar Whirlwind
31 Girl Breeze Light wind, carefree
32 Boy Cakravata Fierce, forceful, whirlwind
33 Boy Camden Uncertain, perhaps “winding valley”
34 Boy Cancala Moves, wind, lover
35 Boy Chanchala Moves, wind, lover
36 Boy Citrasva A painted horse, with winderful horse
37 Boy Darshak Spectator, wind blowing fast
38 Boy Dhwanil Sound of wind
39 Boy Dhwanil Sound of wind
40 Girl Diana Divine, window of florance, from the greek goddess
41 Boy Elzaphan God of the northeast wind
42 Girl Era Long period of time, wind, air
43 Boy Greeshma Season, hot and windy season
44 Girl Gustey Windy
45 Boy Hari Sun, fit, proper, tawny, green, wind, fire, the mo
46 Boy Helon Window, grief
47 Boy Himil Cold wind
48 Girl Immaiellil Wind god
49 Boy Ira Watchful, wind, descendants, vigilant, alert
50 Girl Iraa The wind-god, the earth
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