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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'The best'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaress The best
2 Boy Amarottam The best among gods, lord indra
3 Boy Anoop Without comparison, incomparable, the best, matchl
4 Boy Aristarchus The best prince
5 Girl Arsitha The best
6 Boy Arya Civilized, the best
7 Boy Aryamaan Best of the best
8 Boy Ashneel The best, unbeatable
9 Boy Barendra Indra, the best
10 Boy Bincy Someone who will make the best of ever
11 Girl Bincy Someone who will make the best of ever
12 Boy Hridesh Hearted to be the best of, heart
13 Girl Ishvari The best among the divine
14 Girl Mumtaz The distinguished, the best, the queen o emperor s
15 Girl Mumtaz The distinguished, the best, the queen of emperor
16 Boy Nabhi Focus, the best
17 Boy Naren The best of men
18 Boy Natavara The best of dancers
19 Boy Netik Excellent or the best
20 Boy Nishav The best
21 Boy Padmottar The best lotus, beyond comparison
22 Boy Param The best, being supreme, primary, perfect, ultimat
23 Girl Parama The best
24 Girl Parama The best
25 Boy Paramak Highest, the best
26 Girl Parana Father of water, the best
27 Boy Prahalathan Considered to be the best disciple in indian mytho
28 Boy Prathamesh Lord ganesh, lord of the best
29 Boy Purushottam The best among men
30 Boy Ratnavar The best among the precious things, gold
31 Boy Ratnottam The best jewel, a buddha
32 Boy Risheet Deep knowledge, who brings happiness, the best
33 Boy Rishit The best
34 Boy Rishit The best, all in one
35 Girl Rishita Message for happiness, goddess of faith, the best,
36 Girl Rishita The best
37 Girl Rishitha The best
38 Boy Sachuttam True and the best one
39 Boy Samanvi One who has all the best qualities
40 Boy Sarvotham The best
41 Boy Sarvottam The best
42 Boy Sarvottam The best
43 Boy Senmal The best
44 Boy Senmal The best
45 Boy Shreshta The best
46 Boy Shreshta The best
47 Boy Shreshtapal The best guardian
48 Girl Shreyasi The best girl in the universe
49 Girl Shreysta The best, precious, valuable, spotless
50 Girl Shriya Prosperity, auspicious, lucky, better, the best fo
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