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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Spring'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aamani Spring season (vasanth ritu)
2 Girl Aamani Spring season
3 Boy Aamani Spring season, vasanth ritu
4 Girl Aamani Spring season, vasant ritu
5 Girl Aamini Spring season
6 Girl Aini Spring, flower, source, choice, the eye
7 Girl Aini Spring, flower, source, choice
8 Girl Aishya Spring
9 Boy Ashwell Spring, stream
10 Boy Aviv Spring, renewal
11 Girl Aviva Joyful spring
12 Boy Azam Offspring, variant of a'zam, greatest, biggest
13 Boy Bahar Spring
14 Girl Bahar Spring season, prime of life, bloom of youth
15 Girl Basant Spring
16 Girl Basant Spring alive
17 Boy Basant Spring, season of spring, happy
18 Boy Basant Spring, season of spring, happy
19 Boy Basanta Spring
20 Boy Basantdeep Lamp of spring
21 Girl Basanti Of spring
22 Girl Basanti-vasanti The spring season , yellow colored
23 Girl Basanti;vasanti Spring
24 Girl Basanti;vasanti Spring
25 Boy Basantmeet Friend of spring
26 Boy Basantpaul Preserver of spring
27 Boy Basantpreet Love for spring
28 Boy Basantroop Embodiment of spring
29 Girl Baseema Smiling, spring
30 Girl Chaithra First month of the year, spring, new bright light
31 Girl Chaitrali Spring' or 'aries sign'
32 Girl Chaitree Born in spring
33 Girl Chaitrika First month of the year, spring season
34 Boy Chilton Farm by the spring
35 Boy Dhaumra Grey, smoke, spring, well
36 Girl Estra Goddess of spring
37 Girl Fagun Holy month in spring
38 Boy Finian Celtic fair offspring
39 Girl Gali Spring, fountain
40 Boy Gaya Worth going to, wealth, household, offspring, life
41 Girl Golbahar A flower (winter aconite), spring flower
42 Boy Hemnath Spring
43 Boy Hrutesh Lord of springs
44 Girl Ilavenil Spring, youthful
45 Girl Illanankai Spring, youthful
46 Girl Illavenil Spring, youthful
47 Girl Ishya Spring
48 Girl Ishya Spring
49 Boy Ishya The spring season
50 Girl Ishya Spring
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