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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Spirit'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaloeka The spiritual world, invisible
2 Boy Aaryan Illustrious, noble, spiritual, ancient,
3 Boy Aaryan;aryan Illustrious, noble, spiritual
4 Boy Aaryan;aryan Illustrious, noble, spiritual
5 Boy Aaryansh Illustrious, noble, spiritual, ancient,
6 Girl Aathmiya Spiritual
7 Boy Aatmik Spirit, soul
8 Girl Acheri Acheri is the disease-bringing spirit of a mountai
9 Girl Adelle Noble, form of adelaide, noble and of kind spirit
10 Boy Adhyatam Spiritual, soul
11 Boy Adwaith One who know spiritual knowledge
12 Girl Alla Defender, nobility, the supreme spirit, mother, no
13 Girl Amrita Full of nectar, spiritual holy water, immortality
14 Girl Angeni Spirit
15 Boy Anilaabh Spirit of the wind
16 Boy Anilaabh;anilabh Spirit of the wind
17 Boy Anilaabh;anilabh Spirit of the wind
18 Boy Anilabh Spirit of the wind
19 Girl Anouka Spirit of god
20 Girl Antarjot Spiritual light or divine light within
21 Boy Anubhaj One who follows worship, spiritual
22 Boy Aryanraj Illustrious or noble or spiritual
23 Girl Asavari Spirit of the heavens
24 Girl Asura Spiritual
25 Boy Atam Adam, self, spiritual
26 Boy Atam Spirituality
27 Boy Atambhagat Spiritual devotee
28 Boy Atambir Spiritually brave
29 Boy Atambodh Spiritual knowledge
30 Boy Atamchet Spiritual awareness
31 Boy Atamdaras Spiritual vision
32 Boy Atamdev Spiritual and godly person
33 Boy Atamdharam Living the spiritual way
34 Boy Atamgun Having spiritual merits
35 Boy Atamjas Singing the glories of spirit
36 Girl Atamjeet God of spiritually
37 Boy Atamjit God of spiritually
38 Boy Atamjit God of spiritually
39 Boy Atamjog Attaining the spiritual union
40 Boy Atamjot Spiritual flame
41 Boy Atamkaram Acting to attain the spirit
42 Boy Atamleen Absorbed in the spirit
43 Boy Atamnidhan Spiritual treasure
44 Boy Atamprakash Spiritual light
45 Boy Atampreet Spiritual love
46 Boy Atamprem Spiritual love
47 Boy Atamrang Imbued with spirituality
48 Boy Atamras Spiritual elixir
49 Boy Atamroop Embodiment of the spirit
50 Boy Atamsimar Absorbed in the spirit
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