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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Soft'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaruthira Mellowness, tranquility, softness
2 Girl Adela Nobility, noble kind, softer, small winged one
3 Boy Amas Fine, soft, raw, not hard
4 Girl Arsheen Princess of sky, a beautiful soft hearted and kind
5 Boy Arsheeth Princess of sky, a beautiful soft hearted and kind
6 Boy Arudra Not cruel, soft, gentle
7 Girl Aura Soft breeze
8 Girl Binoy Vinayta, softness*
9 Girl Darshleen Soft seeing
10 Girl Deekshana Soft nature, name of siva, the moon
11 Boy Divekar Soft
12 Girl Drooti Softened
13 Girl Drooti Softened
14 Girl Druthi Softened
15 Girl Druthi Softened
16 Girl Druti Softened
17 Girl Druti Softened
18 Girl Ghansa Soft, grass
19 Girl Ginnifer White, smooth, soft
20 Girl Gungun Soft and warm
21 Boy Hanvesh Very soft mind
22 Girl Ishvleen Soft and delicate
23 Girl Jennifer White wave, fair one, fair and smooth soft, smooth
24 Boy Jools Soft-bearded
25 Boy Jules Soft-bearded
26 Girl Julia Downy, soft and tender hair.
27 Girl Julia Youthful, soft haired, down-bearded youth, jove's
28 Boy Julian Soft-bearded
29 Boy Julyan Soft-bearded
30 Girl Kesiya Soft as flower
31 Boy Klinda Soft, tender
32 Girl Kolam Soft
33 Girl Komal Soft
34 Girl Komal Preety, cute, tender, smooth, soft, delicate and t
35 Boy Komal Soft, soft heart
36 Boy Komala Tender, soft, delicate
37 Boy Komalbir Soft and brave
38 Girl Komaldeep Soft light
39 Boy Komaldeep Soft lamp
40 Girl Komaldeep Soft light
41 Girl Komalika Soft
42 Boy Komaljeet Victory for softness
43 Boy Komaljot Soft and peaceful light
44 Boy Komalmeet Friednly softness
45 Girl Komalpal Protector of softness
46 Girl Komalpal Protector of softness
47 Girl Komalpreet Soft, beautiful
48 Girl Komalpreet Soft, beautiful
49 Boy Komalpreet Lovely and soft
50 Boy Komalprem Lovely and soft
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