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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Smile'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aashi Smile
2 Girl Aashi Love, full smile
3 Boy Aashi Smile
4 Girl Aashi Smile
5 Girl Aashika Smile
6 Girl Aasini Smile
7 Boy Amileigh The bringer of hope and smiles, god's gift
8 Boy Anandh Always merry and full of smiles
9 Girl Anandhi Always merry and full of smiles, joyful
10 Boy Ananthaa Always merry and full of smiles
11 Boy Ananthan Always merry and full of smiles
12 Boy Arshilin Smile
13 Girl Ashi Smile
14 Girl Ashi Evening, night, reward, smile, happy
15 Boy Basim One who smiles, smiling, happy
16 Girl Basma A smile
17 Girl Basma;basmah A smile
18 Girl Basmah A smile
19 Boy Bassam He who smiles a lot, smiling
20 Boy Caruhasan With a beautiful smile
21 Boy Chaaruhaas With beautiful smile
22 Boy Chaaruhaas;charuhaas With beautiful smile
23 Girl Chandrahasa Pleasant smile
24 Boy Chandrahas A person with a beautiful smile
25 Girl Chandrahasa With a beautiful smile
26 Boy Charuhaas With beautiful smile
27 Boy Charuhaas With beautiful smile
28 Boy Charuhas With beautiful smile
29 Boy Charuhas A person with beautiful smile
30 Boy Charuhasan With beautiful smile
31 Girl Charusmita One with a beautiful smile
32 Boy Chirush Smile
33 Boy Darahaas Smile
34 Boy Darahaas Smile
35 Boy Darahas Smile
36 Girl Debashmita One who can smile and make people smile like god
37 Girl Devasmita With a divine smile
38 Girl Devasmita With a divine smile
39 Girl Devasmitha With a devine smile
40 Girl Dharahasini Always smile
41 Girl Geetu A smile
42 Girl Greeshmahasini A little joy(smile)in hot summer
43 Girl Haasa Smile
44 Boy Harshu Smile and joy, deer
45 Boy Harsith Smile
46 Girl Haseena Beautifull and always smile
47 Girl Hasia Smile
48 Boy Hasith Smile, lord shiva
49 Girl Hussey Smile
50 Girl Isainagai Isai means music and nagai means smile
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