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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Satisfied'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Anuha Satisfied
2 Girl Arwa Female satisfied, pleasant, fresh, mountain gazell
3 Girl Arwa Gracefulness and beauty, satisfied, pleasant, and
4 Boy Ashuthosh One who quickly satisfied
5 Boy Ashutosh One who quickly satisfied"
6 Boy Asutosh One who quickly satisfied
7 Boy Bharpoor Perfect one, satisfied
8 Boy Bharpur Perfect one, satisfied
9 Girl Danyata Satisfied
10 Boy Josha Satisfied
11 Boy Murtadhy Satisfied, content
12 Boy Murtadi-murtadhy Satisfied, content
13 Boy Nirat Pleased, satisfied, the souls ability to see
14 Girl Pausthi Strong, satisfied
15 Girl Prinal Pleased, satisfied
16 Boy Prineet Content, satisfied
17 Boy Prineet Content, satisfied
18 Boy Qani Content, satisfied
19 Girl Raadhiya Lover of krishna, satisfied
20 Girl Radeyah-radhiya Content, satisfied
21 Girl Radhiyaa Content, satisfied
22 Girl Radhiyaa Content, satisfied
23 Boy Radhiyaa Content, satisfied
24 Boy Radi In concordance, satisfied
25 Girl Rathika Satisfied
26 Girl Rathika Satisfied
27 Boy Ratik Satisfied, loved, joyful
28 Girl Ridah Satisfied
29 Girl Sampritha Satisfied, contented
30 Boy Santhosh Satisfied, happy, satisfaction, happiness
31 Girl Santosa Content, satisfied
32 Boy Santosh Satisfied, contentment, happiness
33 Boy Sutript Fully satisfied
34 Boy Toshin Satisfied
35 Girl Toshita Satisfied
36 Girl Toyika Satisfied
37 Girl Tripta Satisfied
38 Girl Tripta Satisfied
39 Boy Trupt Satisfied
40 Girl Trushti Satisfied
41 Boy Tushin Satisfied
42 Girl Tushita Satisfied
43 Girl Tushita Satisfied, pleased
44 Girl Tushitha Satisfied
45 Boy Tushtiman Satisfied
46 Boy Tushya Lord shiva, satisfied
47 Girl Vitrishna Content, satisfied
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