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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Road'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Agalvili Broad eye, wide eye
2 Girl Agalvili Broad eyes
3 Girl Amani Road, one who shows the path, wishes, aspiration,
4 Boy Braden Broad valley
5 Boy Braden From the broad valley
6 Boy Braden From the broad valley
7 Boy Bradford Broad ford
8 Boy Bradford Broad river ford.
9 Boy Bradley Broad meadow.
10 Boy Bradley Broad woodland clearing
11 Boy Bradley From the broad meadow
12 Boy Bradon Broad hill
13 Boy Bradshaw Broad forest
14 Boy Brhadiksu Broadminded, with great insight
15 Boy Chaturabhuja Strong, broad shouldered
16 Boy Chaturbhuj Broad shouldered, strong, lord vishnu
17 Boy Chaturbhuj Broad shouldered
18 Boy Chaturbhuj Broad shouldered, strong, lord vishnu
19 Boy Ezel Going abroad, walk
20 Girl Laina Form of alaina, path, roadway, route, bright one,
21 Boy Lane Narrow road
22 Girl Lane Narrow road
23 Girl Layni Road
24 Girl Margapali Protecting the roads, a goddess
25 Boy Potipherah That scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat.
26 Boy Prithu Broad, spacious
27 Boy Prithu The earth, broad, spacious, lover, a king from the
28 Girl Sirat Path, road
29 Boy Stanway Stony road
30 Boy Suvishal Broad
31 Boy Travers Collector of bridge/road tolls
32 Boy Travis At a crossroad
33 Boy Tredway Well-worn road
34 Boy Urdahav Broad mentality
35 Boy Urdahav Broad mentality
36 Boy Uru Broad
37 Girl Visalam Broad minded
38 Boy Vishaal Broad
39 Boy Vishaal Broad
40 Boy Vishal Big, huge, broad, great, immense, giant, massive,
41 Girl Visvasita Way, road
42 Boy Vyansh Having broad shoulders
43 Boy Waylon Land by the road
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