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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Rising'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadrik Rising sun between mountains
2 Boy Aadrik Rising sun between mountains
3 Boy Aaroh One who ascends, a rider, rising, pride, elevation
4 Boy Abhyudaya Rising, sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity
5 Boy Adhyan One who is rising, coming up
6 Boy Adhyan One who is rising, coming up
7 Boy Adhyansh One who is rising, coming up
8 Girl Aliya Superior, finer, rising, ascending, high-born, the
9 Girl Aliyah Rising
10 Boy Alvah His rising up, his highness
11 Boy Amanuday Peace rising
12 Boy Arabhata Enterprising, courageous
13 Boy Aruj Rising sun
14 Boy Arunabh Rising or morning sun
15 Boy Arunoudaye Rising sun
16 Boy Aryabhata Enterprising, best among the masters, courageous
17 Girl Ashi Miracle or surprising
18 Boy Ayan Movement of sun when the sun rising, something kno
19 Boy Baalaark The rising sun
20 Boy Badaat Wonderful, surprising, outstripping in courage and
21 Boy Balaark The rising sun
22 Boy Balarika The rising sun
23 Boy Balark The rising sun
24 Boy Balarka Rising sun
25 Boy Balavrata Worshipping the rising sun
26 Boy Bhanuprakash Rising sun
27 Boy Bhasker The rising sun
28 Boy Bisman Meanssomething surprising
29 Boy Ceyone Rising sun
30 Girl Dawn Sun arising*
31 Girl Dawn Sun arising*
32 Girl Dinika Rising sun
33 Boy Heshini Rising sun
34 Boy Hetansh Rising sun
35 Girl Hezal The color of rising sun, a nut
36 Boy Jakim Rising, confirming, establishing
37 Boy Kadmiel God of antiquity, god of rising
38 Girl Levana White, moon, shining white one, rising sun
39 Boy Nrisingh Lord nrisinghadev
40 Girl Pouravi Rising sun, from the east
41 Girl Pranusha Brightness of the rising sun
42 Girl Prasana Rising
43 Boy Raktang The sun and the moon on rising, blood colored
44 Girl Rano Early, early rising, a peacock's tail
45 Boy Rohak Rising
46 Boy Rohak Rising
47 Girl Rohi A river in afghanistan, rising, up, red, a doe
48 Girl Rohin Rrising
49 Boy Rohin Rising, born under the sandalwood tree
50 Girl Rohin Rising
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