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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Prosperity'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhyudaya Rising, sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity
2 Girl Aishleen-kaur Blessed by god with wealth and prosperity
3 Girl Aishleen-kaur Blessed by god with wealth and prosperity
4 Girl Aishwarya;aiswarya Wealth, prosperity
5 Girl Aishwarya;aiswarya Wealth, prosperity
6 Girl Aiswarya Wealth, prosperity
7 Boy Baibhav Prosperity
8 Boy Baibhav Richness or prosperity or glorious or powerful or
9 Boy Bhudhana Whose prosperity is the earth
10 Girl Dhanaseela Who give prosperity, luxmi
11 Boy Dhanesa Lord of prosperity
12 Boy Dhanesha Lord of prosperity
13 Boy Eamon Protector of prosperity
14 Boy Eddy Guardian of prosperity
15 Boy Edmund Protector of prosperity
16 Boy Ewart Guardian of prosperity
17 Boy Ikvala Prosperity, good fortune
18 Boy Imran Beautiful, prosperity, father of moses, a prophet'
19 Boy Iqbal Prosperity, wealth, glory destiny, desire, fortuna
20 Girl Ishalya Temple of rich, wealth and prosperity
21 Girl Ishwarya God's prosperity
22 Boy Kalanjiyam Prosperity
23 Boy Kalyandas Prosperity, happiness
24 Girl Kanakalakshmi Goddess of prosperity
25 Girl Krishika Grower, prosperity
26 Girl Krishikaa Grower, prosperity
27 Boy Krishita Grower, prosperity
28 Girl Krishitha Symbolizing prosperity and nature
29 Girl Krishleen Grower, prosperity
30 Boy Lakshmi Wealth, prosperity, fortune
31 Girl Lekshmi Goddess of wealth and prosperity
32 Girl Mahani God of peace and prosperity
33 Girl Nanda Peace, voyage, courage, delight, prosperity, happi
34 Boy Ned Guardian of prosperity
35 Girl Radha The beloved of lord krishna, prosperity, success
36 Girl Radha Success, prosperity, the beloved of lord krishna,
37 Girl Rafa Happiness, prosperity
38 Girl Rafa Happiness, prosperity
39 Girl Rafa Happiness, prosperity, well-being, female version
40 Girl Rafarafa Happiness, prosperity
41 Girl Rafa Happiness, prosperity
42 Girl Rafat Prosperity
43 Boy Raju King, prosperity
44 Girl Revati Prosperity
45 Girl Revati-revathi A star, wie o balarama, prosperity
46 Girl Revati;revathi A star, wife of balarama, prosperity
47 Girl Revati;revathi A star, wife of balarama, prosperity
48 Boy Riddham In a rythm, prosperity
49 Girl Ridhi Prosperity, to be successful, to succeed, to grow,
50 Girl Ridhvika Good prosperity
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