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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Priest'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abbot Father, priest
2 Boy Adhvaryu Best among priests, who performs yagna
3 Girl Aja High priestess of mecca, goat, not born, love of v
4 Boy Arvavasu Priest of the gods
5 Girl Dakshina A donation to god or priest
6 Boy Deakshit Priest, poojari
7 Boy Elazar Aaron's son and high priest, god helped, the lord
8 Boy Eli-ely-elijah Uplifted, bible ref.: samuel 3:1., priest who taug
9 Girl Flaminia Priest*
10 Boy Guru Teacher, master, priest
11 Boy Guru Teacher, master, priest
12 Boy Guru Teacher, master, priest
13 Girl Hrithvika Priestess, one who recites the rig veda
14 Boy Hritvik Priest
15 Boy Hritvik Priest
16 Boy Khoury Priest
17 Boy Krakaca Asaw, a priest
18 Boy Pandit Priest, one who have very good knowledge
19 Boy Prescott Priest's cottage
20 Girl Presley Priest's meadow
21 Boy Presley Priest clearing
22 Boy Preston Priests settlement
23 Boy Preston Priest's estate
24 Boy Pujar Priest
25 Boy Purohit A brahmin priest
26 Boy Purohit A brahmin priest
27 Boy Rahaam Priest name
28 Girl Rethwika Priest
29 Boy Rhithvik Priest
30 Boy Rithivik Priest
31 Girl Rithivika Priest
32 Boy Rithvik Priest
33 Boy Rithvik Priest
34 Girl Rithvika Priest
35 Boy Rithwik Priest
36 Boy Ritivk Priest
37 Girl Ritvi Lady indian priest who full fill particularly comp
38 Boy Ritvig Priest
39 Boy Ritvij Priest
40 Boy Ritvik Priest
41 Boy Ritvik Son of anjaneya, priest
42 Girl Ritvika Priest, one who recites the rig veda
43 Boy Ritwik Priest
44 Boy Ritwik Moon, priest
45 Boy Saeed Priestly, happy, fortunate, prosperous, lucky, riv
46 Girl Saeeda Priestly
47 Boy Sagnik Priest
48 Boy Sandipani A priest
49 Girl Shyona Starting letters of 3 big priest of swaminarayan s
50 Boy Suhotra Good priest, name of one of the authors of the rig
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